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Help dry food suggestions needed...

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My male cat is throwing up his dry food( nutro) he does this with anything I buy that is not premium. I am looking for a good premium from Petfooddirect.com that has small kibble.... we have tried Wellness( gives the runs), Innova he liked for a while and and then stopped eating it, he has tried Wysong and also had the runs, Felidae, he will not eat and has also eaten Eagle brand but stopped when the store ran out for a few weeks and I had to switch to Nutro( he would not go back when the store I bought from got the EAgle back in). He also has tried science diet and throws it up. I am thinking of going back to Eagle, We have also tried Pet guard and pet promise. So any suggestions from this website? thanks Cheryl
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California Natural and Nature's Logic (both excellent foods) can be purchased through amazon.com if they're not in your local store.

California Natural is a lot cheaper, and if your cat doesn't have allergies (as Gizmo does) to chicken, it's a good buy--cats love the taste, and it's good for them, and there are only five ingredients.

My allergic Gizmo is doing wonderfully well on the Nature's Logic Rabbit Dinner. They also make a chicken and a duck flavoured kibble, but it's not cheap.
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I would say california natural and solid gold ... Solid gold likely be the taster with more meat sources.,..

Which Nutro are you feeding ???

Is the bowl elevated ??? Has the cat seen a vet ??
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California Natural is good and simple. You might also try Natural Balance (they have a formula specifically for allergies). When Spot was having bowel issues, I switched to Royal Canin Special 33, and it worked well for him. When your kitty throws up, is he throwing up undigested food chunks? If so, that may be a sign that he is eating too quickly. Elevating the bowl and/or serving the food in a tray (so it is spread out and can't be gulped) may help.
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How about Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul: Adult Cat Formula? I have heard many good comments about this stuff.
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I just went onto the Nature's Logic website. They passed their AAFCO tests and the food may now be relabeled from 'dinner'.

This is the best dry food I've found, by far. I like that the vitamins and minerals are all naturally derived. It's worth the extra cost, and Gizmo's thriving on it.
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