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Cats watching TV is always cute. But I wonder if it damages their eyes as our eyes would if we sat infront of the TV with our noses almost touching it.
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A coupel of mine enjoy watching the car races, and it is hilarious to watch their little heads go round and round and round and yes, they are right up in fromt of the TV, but it never lasts very long
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Damita, my limited vision foster cat, LOVES to watch TV! IF it is a scary movie, she will duck to hide when a scary part comes on....she's my favorite TV buddy! We did move our TV up onto a TV stand as dad was complaining about the noseprints.....
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I think back in the 50's and maybe 60's there was a chance of damage from sitting to close to the tv because of radiation emanated, but I don't believe that is true these days.
My SO says unless you have a Zenith.
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Yes, that idea about sitting too close to the screen damaging your eyes is actually a myth. I really wouldn't worry about your kitties eyes.
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Muffy loves to watch the Animal Channel, especially when "Meerkat Manor" is on. It is a myth that sitting too close to the TV will damage your eyes. I've also heard that watching TV in the dark is bad on your eyes, but that's probably a myth too.
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