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Help with sneezing

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Hi I have a cat who it about A year and a half old. I have had her since May When I got her she was sneezing and snotting yellow green junk. She had been this way two months before I got her and was on Baytril when I got her. She is still sneezing and snotting. She has been this way for 7 months now. She has been to 5 different vets and no one can figure out what is causing this. She has been on Baytril, Zithromax,lincomicin,and been given depomodrel steriord shots. Nothing helps. She has been tested for feline aids and feline lukiminia both neg. She has never ran a fever or had any other reasons to believe she is sick. I have 5 cats and she is the only one sick. I also had a cat I rescued until I could find it a home that had never had any shots and it did not get sick either. Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be and how to get rid of it. The last vet we went to has given up. She has been to all the vets in my area with no answers. Thanks for any advise you can offer.
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Hmmm it might be Feline Herpes. My baby boy Bagheera has it. His nose and eyes are always running and he sneezes alot. The vets couldnt figure out what was wrong with him for a long time. Here are some links


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I thought it was feline herps a couple of months ago when all of the treatments failed. But my other cats have not gotten it. and they eat and drink out of the same feeders. And sleep together and the sneezing one has sneezed all over them at times and everyone has to get bathes. So I am thinking that what ever this is can be caught because I have had her for 5 months and no one else has gotten it. Also she only has the sneezing and snotting No eye discharge at all. Any other suggestions.
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Is it always the same of worse some times than others?
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Try giving her 1000mg/day of L-Lysine and see if that helps. I buy the tablets at Wal-Mart and crush them up in my cat's food. This is the cat who was so sick with an URI when I got her the vet didn't think she'd pull through. It took us a good 2 months to get her well.

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I use L-lysine gel and mix in the contents of a 100mg CQ-10 (vitamin Q) pill. Gizmo get it 'by finger' and it has done wonders for her feline herpes. The vitamin appears to have eliminated the crusty discharge from her nose.

This mix is a good remedy against bacterial infection, which Gizmo clearly had; if your cat has a greenish discharge, this is either a viral or bacterial infection. Maybe the vet can do a culture if you can get a sample.

The lysine and the factor 10 won't hurt the cat so it is certainly worth a try.
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