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Wellness canned cause of bad teeth?

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I have been exclusively using Wellness canned chicken for my IBD cat and also feeding it to my slightly older cat as well for the last 3 months. About 2 weeks after using it I started to notice that both cats had smelly breath. I took the older cat in to the vet yesterday and they told me that she had tartar build-up and gingivitis. He also told me that it is rare to see this severity in a cat that is only 16 months old. In a couple more months I will take the younger cat in for her check up to see what her teeth look like but her breath smells as well. The vet also told me to switch to dry but I thought that I had read on this forum that dry food and clean teeth were a myth.

Do you think there is a correlation between the wellness canned and the bad teeth? Should I switch to a different food for my non IBD cat? As a side note I have been using the stuff you put in there water that is supposed to help with tarter for the last 3 months. I also today bought a toothbrush and the paste that helps clean there teeth. Thanks everyone.
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I think more than likely your cat is predisposed to tooth issues... Wet food on a whole actually can decrease the bacteria leval on the teeth...
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If your cat is prone to dental problems, it won't matter what you feed him. Home dental care is the solution, not the food you feed. Food is not a dentrifice. Food is just nourishment, that's my motto when it comes to feeding my cats. My cat Spotty is prone to dental problems so we put oravet on his teeth and gums once per week and the vet also prescribed something to put on his gums once a day to heal the infection from his gingivitis and help prevent gingivitis from reoccurring. I also buy CET chews but I don't feed them every day because they're so expensive and my cats are more likely to eat them when it's not an every day thing. My vet, like many vets also reccommended the Hill's T/D dental diet but I refuse to feed it because of the low quality ingredients. I'd rather feed a better quality diet than a lower quality food just because it's better for the teeth(what about the rest of the cat?). If you're interested in a wax that you apply once per week to repel bacteria from adhering to the teeth and gums, here is the website. www.oravet.com I do this because it's a lot easier than brushing on a daily basis. But if your cat accepts brushing that's a good thing, you may not need the oravet.
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My cats have horrible breath since I put them on canned Wellness... I think it is the garlic.

One of my cats does have dental problems but not the other two and their breath stinks too. It has to be the garlic!
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