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Need help with a broken leg

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Hello all,

My little one, Sprout, has broken her leg and we are having difficulties with the splint. She is having more difficulties than me obviously because she keeps on gripping it with her teeth and pulling it down her leg. She has now chewed off most of the fur around the edge of the bandage and I will be taking her in tomorrow for her fourth new splint in three weeks.

Can anyone help me with this? I don't know what to do to help her. She can't keep on moving her splint around but if she is trying to take it off I am afraid that something is seriously wrong. The vet thinks that a flea may have gotten under the splint and that is why she was trying to remove it.

I don't know what the problem is but I just can't stand the thought of her being in pain or discomfort especially since I now have to put her in a crate during the day so that she doesn't get tangled up in the box springs of my bed. Again. That was splint number 2. Tomorrow we are on splint number 4 and I just don't know what to do. She is the sweetest little cat and so affectionate it just kills me that she is having to go through this.

Has anyone been through this or does anyone have any advice?

Thank you
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can you put an Elizabethan collar on her to keep her from chewing at it?
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I picked her up from the vet this afternoon and she had shortened the splint by taking a notch off the top and the bottom. Hopefully this will help her out because it won't be as uncomfortable for her. I asked about putting the collar on her but the vet suggested bitter apple to keep her from trying to take it off with her teeth.

The really good news is that she can get around better with the shorter splint. I still want to call her Ahab because of the way she walks but she is doing much better today. Hopefully we can go the full two weeks before we go back for a check up this time.
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The bitter apple might help also if she continues to chew at the splint.But maybe with it shortened she will leave it alone. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that she gets through two more weeks without having to fix the splint again.
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Oil of cloves or wintergreen sprayed on the edges may help
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