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our lucy

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meow (thought that would be appropriate!) I just registered for the first time, thinking someone here could answer my question. I've had cats all my life, but never just one. Lucy walks around, carrying a toy, and "talks". We have a dog, too but she's nearly 9 and doesn't play often, with Lucy. Is Lucy lonely?
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I would say so.Has she had kittens?If so, she may be missing them.If she is just a tiny thing,she may be missing her siblings.
How old is she?
When I had just Corwin here with Blaze who is older,Corwin was so lonely he would meow something pitiful.We got Lilly and now we have Sapphire and Mia too.So, we have 5 cats..............noone is ever lonely here!!
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Welcome to TCS! I have a lot of cats, and they are never lonely. Maybe you are onto something, she might just need a friend!
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Lucy is 1. Her litter was abandoned at birth and she was bottle fed by members of a cat rescue league, where we got her. She's so loveable, more than any cat either of us have ever had! She goes nuts when the dog is at the groomers, wants her here. We're thinking she'd like a kitten to love and care for.
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Give me about another 8 weeks and I have a friend for her!
My Reilly had a litter of 4 about 4 weeks ago

I think it would be great if you got her a friend!
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Welcome to TCS!!! Your lucy sounds like a sweetheart! She also sounds like she may enjoy the company of another kitty. Have you thought about adopting a rescue kitty from an animal shelter. Often times, adult black cats are the hardest ones to rehome and often get looked over for kittens. There are many adult kitties that need a loving home! Sounds like you could maybe provide one with a forever home . What is Lucy's temperment like? Many times, adult cats are easy to transition into a new home because their temperment is already established- so what you see is what you get pretty much . This is helpfull when trying to decided which cat is right for your already established family. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck!! I foster/ and rescue from several shelters in my city- if there is anything you have questions about or you just want someone to help you around TCS, I would love to help you! My name is Nikki if you need anything! Have a good one! - By the way, we'd all love to see pictures of your Lucy! Do you need any help posting pictures? If so, send them my way and i'd be happy to help!
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Welcome to TCS!!

Maybe your furry baby just wants you to play with her...Trout runs around with toys in her mouth meowing when she wants me to play
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Here is a pic of Lucy and Sam.Sorry it took me so long to download it.Feel free to e-mail me more and I'll add them.
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oh my goodness! they're such cuties!!!!!
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Here is a pic of Lucy and Sam.Sorry it took me so long to download it.Feel free to e-mail me more and I'll add them.
Welcome to TCS! Lucy sounds like a sweetheart. OMG that pic is to cute. They are both adorable.
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I'll move this to the Behaviour forum for you

My Rosie does this, Usually if i'm downstairs and she's upstairs i can here her making these horrible low meows. When i first heard her i thought there was something wrong with her?, but she carries a toy down and meows until i go to her at the bottom of the stairs then she drops it.

I always tell her she's a good girl for mummy for bringing me a present, give her a few scritches then off she trots quite happily!

A friend is a brilliant idea as well!
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