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Air cleaner

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Well for my cats and my health... Can anyone recomend a decent air cleaner-room is about 12x15 and cats spend ALOT of time in my room(I have the cat tree/furniture and alot of sun hits my room) I'm looking for under 350 but would go up a bit. Have allergies to cats(yeah yeah I know....lol) looking for easy to maintain system-preferably something I can easily wash the filters. TY for any leads RJ
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I am also allergic to cats I start getting allergy shots next week

I've always had good luck with this type, but you have to replace the filters, not wash them.

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I use a smaller Honeywell in my bedroom (I have allergies) and am now thinking of getting the one Karen linked to for my front room because my cat Dexter has Asthma.

Be sure that if you get one it is a HEPA air purifier.
Honeywell's newer model's main HEPA filters can be vacuumed.
That would be a plus.
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HOneywells are good. I use two Blueair filters and they do a marvellous job keeping the mold and dust down. They are in your price range (the model 401 should work well for you)
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I have two Holmes air purifiers and they work decent, although they don't catch the smallest particles. Don't buy the type like Ionic Breeze that are supposed to catch particles on plates that you wipe off. My sister's girlfriend works at Consumer Reports and according to her work Ionic Breeze is the worst filter ever, you're much better off with a standard HEPA filter.
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Don't get anything from Sharper Image, either and it's best to avoid anything that says it 'ionizes' the air. A pure air HEPA filter is what you want.
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