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Inappropriate sexual cat behavior...

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I wish I could have found a post similar to the one I'm writing... and I couldn't find any information about this online. Months ago, I woke up one morning and found my 2 or 3 month old cat's head in the leg of my boxers. I pushed him off the bed. From then on, he had this tendancy of crawling up on my stomach and sniffing around when I'm wearing boxers or pajama pants. The first time he did this, I waited to see if he'd just walk away... but then he tried to put his head in my boxers! I pushed him away again. Now I sleep tightly wrapped in a blanket, or a sheet if it's a hot night.

Now the other day he was laying on his back on my lap, and I was massaging his cheeks and scratching under his chin... and all of sudden I notice something ... I threw him off my lap and put him in my room. I've never ever seen that before, and it probably sounds immature, but I felt like I was going to be traumatized. Is it normal for a cat to get "excited" while you're petting him? And as for my first paragraph, does a cat understand humans... anatomically?
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My neutered male cat, when he was a little younger, would get "excited" all the time when you pet him. I think its just a male thing. As for understand humans anatomically, I don't know about that. Does he do anything when he puts his head in your boxers, or does he just put his head in there? Maybe he just likes your boxers?
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Originally Posted by Sweet72947 View Post
I think its just a male thing.

He only had his head in there once, the time I woke up... I don't know exactly what he was doing, I just pushed him off the bed. And he's tried since, but every time I just push him off. Maybe it is just the boxers... but it just weirded me out.
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Yes, all cats can be aroused as a result of petting. They get overstimulated if you pet them too long. Male cats in particular are stimulated by petting or touching on the stomach, so you may need to avoid petting yours there. It's the same reaction that often causes male cats to bite you when being petted... because they bite the female during sex.

As for the exploring he was doing, he was most likely just interested in the smell. Animals can detect the stronger scent in that area.
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Initially, is your kitty neutered?

My Molly (spayed, but suspected that she was taken away from Mummy too soon) has an interest in my 'region' - which I do put down to the hormones and scent released theough sweat. They do get attached to the smell of their humans and will find areas that smell strongly - groin, armpit etc.

Although I've only ever had two male cats, neither have become 'particularly' stimulated through petting (although one get's over sitmulated and is also known as a bit of a humper)

You are doing the right thing by removing you kitty from the area. You might want to provide a scented t-shirt (that you have done some good cleaning, gardening, sweaty things in) so that he has something familiar to be with!
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No he's not neutered yet, soon though. Thanks for your reply and your advice... makes me feel like he's not so abnormal after all.
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Yes, if the cat is sexually mature and not neutered. Has youre cat been neutered - if not, get him done now.
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I agree that it's time to have your cat neutered.
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I have 3, 2 year old male cats who are brothers. They were fixed at 4 months old and the most dominant one Charlie likes to smell my underoos and my boyfriends boxers. He will actively search out mine in the laudry hamper and will sniff and lick them but when he gets near my boyfriends boxers he acts really weird, he will lick them and if you try to push him away he will act aggressive. The problem has pretty much gone away since I bought a hamper with a locking lid but if I come in contact with another cat and Charlie can smell that he will become agressive towards his brothers, notably the smallest one Nibbler.

The other two have never acted like that and when they smell other cats on me they just sniff forever and then start scent marking me like every other cat I have been around.

I just want to know why he does that, does he feel threatened or something?
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They can probably smell hormones the same as any other creature and respond to them.
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If you think about it, too, your underwear will smell more like you than anything else you wear, because it's close to your skin and it's protected from the outside environment by your other clothes. Also, it's less likely that you'll be wearing perfume or cologne or deoderant there, so there aren't other smells to take away your natural scent -- and it's your natural scent that your cat will associate with you and be comforted by. If it makes you uncomfortable to have your cat sniffing your underthings (and many of us have cats who will "steal" our underwear and then present them at inopportune times, like when we have company ... ), you can do as another poster suggested and give your cat something you've worn during heavy activity, so it smells sweaty. We would consider that an unpleasant scent, but your cat will find it comforting because the smell marks it as yours.
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(and many of us have cats who will "steal" our underwear and then present them at inopportune times, like when we have company ... ),

Well i saw these threads here and I laughed ! I remembered my dog Fufu, Yorkshire terrier, He used to steal all my undies and hide them. He would steal them from the laundry basket ! and some of them never find them again, others be sprawled on the stairs of our flat for everyone to see. incredible what they can do And like this cat, he wasn't neutured so i trhink that's the problem with this cat. Well good luck with the boxe r thing lol...
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