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I feel awfull

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Its terrible weather here raining and windy and a huge white cat is sat outside our conservatory door looking in, and sometimes he comes in when we leave the door open but we take him back out because i cant take another cat in when i can barely afford my 2, one of which was a stray, theres also a ginger cat who likes to dash in and eat the cats food if we leave the conservatory door open.(we cant fit a cat-flap into that door as its glass).
I know theres a man who lives on the next street who takes in stray cats hes got about 9 but he only feeds them i wish he wouldnt as our back yard links to his and i think hes not looking after them properly so why feed them in the first place?
I feel awfull, i cant just let all these cats in though. I wish someone look after them properly.
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I know how you feel we already took one cat in that peered in our window day after day!!! It's hard to see them out there alone I know!!!
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Its like they know im going to break and take them in or something but i just cant
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Sad Is there a no-kill shelter you could take them to? Or a friend or family member who might want to adopt them? If they're friendly and accustomed to people, as they seem to be, then they could definitely be someone's indoor-only pet instead of having to live outside, poor babies.
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My husband said we have "suckers" written across our doorway, invisible to us but cats can see it

Cheers, from
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Yeah I know that feeling. I have a couple strays around here but everytime I try to get close to them, they get scared. And if I leave my front door open they seem to be nervous about my cats so even though it's quite cold outside at night they stay out.
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Could you put out some sort of cat shelter, so he can get dry and possibly warm up? Even a cardboard box covered with a piece of stout plastic for a roof might work. And a space blanket and/or old wool sweater for a bed would be even better poor kitties - I think of them often when the weather turns rough. i was able to tame a semi-feral this summer, so that's another cat who will be able to be in a warm spot this winter
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Coud do you take him to Cat Protection?
Here is a link for the adoption centers:
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