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some pic's

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these were taken at 7 week's there now 8 weeks i havn't put the new one's on the pc yet
this is midnight

this is tigerlilly

and this is forest

i am having regret's giving my sister midnight now i have got so attached but it would break her heart if i changed my mind even my oh don't want him to go lol helpppp
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they are sooo ofriggin cute!!!
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OH MY GOODNESS!!!! They are so so precious. That tigerlilly is a doll.
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Wow, I am in love with all three!!!
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They are adorable!
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i am having regret's giving my sister midnight now i have got so attached but it would break her heart if i changed my mind even my oh don't want him to go lol helpppp
Just remember that you will be able to visit him whenever you like. Are you keeping the other 2?

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yes were keeping the other 2 who will be spaded once there old enough lol no more kitten's i couldn't handle anymore and i know i wouldn't be able to rehome them as it is heart breaking but just some advise it will mean us having 7 cat's some say i'm silly for having this many but b4 the kitten's 1 was a stray the other his owner died so we took him on as he was 11 year's old and i didn't like his chances of being rehomed lilly who had the kitten's decided she didn't want her once she fell pregnant the first time and the 2 6 month old's we have had since 4 week's because someone wanted to go on holiday and she couldn't get anyone to look after the kitten's she could only get someone to have the mum i'm a sucker for a cat in need lol in the past we have taken in 5 stray's and took 1 ,6 week old kitten from a pet shop who we reported as she was in such a bad state and to this day my mum has her she is 8 year's old now she is still a very nurves cat my mum has her as when we moved she bonded with my mum's cat and wouldn't eat or look after herself atall so had to give her to my mum, just hope no stray's come upon my door now lol
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I know how you feel. You're not crazy for having 7 cats. Its not like people plan to have a lot of cat, it just happens! My husband and I started out with 1 cat, we thought he was a girl and "she" seemed loney by her self so we got a female kitten to keep "her" company.
By the time we found out "she" was a he I started looking into getting him spayed because I didn't want him spraying when he got older. Unfortunately it cost between$150-200 to get him spayed at the vet where I lived. Also, I was under the impression that females couldn't get pregnant until they were AT LEAST 6 months old so I didn't worry about anything because she was only 2 months old at the time.
Then....I was driving home one night and noticed a stray mama cat with 3 kittens. When I saw them I pulled over and my hubby and I tried to catch them, but where unsuccessful, the kittens only looked about 6 weeks old but the were faster than lightening! Sooo...the next day I went to the house where I saw the kittens run to and noticed they live under the porch. I asked the owner if they were his and he said that the mama used to be his girlfriends and he put her outside but still feeds her. I then proceeded to ask if I could catch a kitten.(helping 1 is better then helping none) He laughed as he said, "IF you can catch one you can have it. Good luck thoug cause I haven't even been able to TOUCH one!" Well, that didn't stop me so that evening my hubby and I started trying, unsuccessfully to catch a "wild" kitten. Same thing for the next day, and the next day. The next mornig, however, went over to see if the kittens were there and I noticed movement under a tarp that the man had in his front yard so I went over to investigate. It was a kitten! I slowly bent down and positioned my hands over the little lump under the tarp and then grabbed it as gently and quickly as possible. The kitten didn't respond, it must have thought I was another kitten jumping on it from on top of the tarp. I lifted the tarp and grabbed the kitten in my bare hand(I found out a couple minutes later that that was a HUGE mistake) and picked it up off the ground. At that point it started screaming bloody murder! The mama came running over and looked terrified. I quickly wlked home with my vicious little prize who was trying as hard as she could to scream and bite and scratch all at the same time. The mama cat followed me home and looked so distraught. I felt terrible for taking the kitten from her mommy but I knew it was better for the kitten because then it could grow up in a loving home with a loving family and would not die of starvation or get hit by a car or something worse.

I was almost inside when I realized the key to my house was in the same hand as the kitten. I slowly reached over to grab the key when suddenly the kitten grabbed my finger in her claw and stuck it in her mouth. She bit down as hard and as many times as she could. It hurt like fire and I couldn't get my finger out of her mouth for what seemed like forever. I finally got my finger out and it was all bloodied. I managed to get the key and opened the door to the house, put the kitten in a box I had made for her and went to see if my finger had been bitten half of. Turns out just 2 of her teeth went all the way through my finger and my nail protected the rest of my finger, it still hurt terrible though. Anyways, the kittens is now grown up and is a happy little tortie.

Then...within the same week of catching the kitten I found out my other cat was pregnant(she was then 4 months old). To cut the story short, she had 4 kittens and so we then ended up with 7 cats.

Sorry this post is soooooo long, but I figure a good story shouldn't be told quickly. I mean, if I'm going to spend the time it takes to type a story I might as well do it right.

Anyways, Xxtashaxx. I know how hard it is to have to give your kittens away and I must say, its been almost 6 months since I gave the first kitten away and I still miss every single one of them. I gave them to people that don't live nearby though so I don't get the pleasure of being able to visit them and I'm sure that will make things a lot easier for you. I wish you the best of luck.
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thanx tortie and what a sad story but a happy one at that so there is hope for me lol , my family say's i'm gonna end up being the mad cat lady lol but if i do and there looked after so be it lol my kid's loves the cat's aswell as my oh so all is good at the moment lol
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Well, I heard that you aren't crazy til you have 7. However, since you have kids then I guess you could spread the number of cats between all of you and then you aren't crazy. See, you could still add about 10 more cats and still not be crazy. LOL!
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lol i think that would be silly even for me i still have to think about vet bills popping up when least expected so i think i know my limit's plus feeding them every week cost's around 50 pound's lol so any more might just bankrup me lol just glad injection's are once a year but i still don't think it would stop me taking a stray in lol but where i live there ain't hardly any stray's so finger's crossed it stay's that way for there sake's
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