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Miss Moofi´s black eye

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So, for those of you who have read my post about Moofis fight and her poorly eye.
I wondered if anyone else has had experience with a similar problem ?
I´m real worried

Its day 5 and the inner membrane is still red, swollen & protruding, BUT tons better than day 1 - her inner eyelid is a lot better but still pinkish
her pupil is not functioning

Her mood is up and down, she is eating, does the occasional wee & poo

Vet said it would take a long time and is pleased with progress, we have 3 sets of eye-drops, anti-inflam, antibiotic and pain killers.

Any similar experiences ?? and what happened, think I need to hear someone else tell me it will be ok

Ta very
p.s 3rd vet visit tomorrow 1st thing
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Poor Miss Moofi, I hope her recovery speeds up! I've never dealt with an eye injury, but as long as you got eye ointment and anitbiotics, I can't think of anything else you could do!
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I can't offer you any experience, just It's so hard to be patient when it continues to look so distressing -- even when the vet is pleased with the progress. Vibes for Miss Moofi and her Mum! .
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Just checking to see how she is today.
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Just checking also .....
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Hi, well she had her 3rd vets visit and to tell you the truth I was getting a bit anxious, I thought it would be a lot better and I was ready to challenge the vet.

However the vet was also disappointed and said she was going to call another vet who was a eye- specialist and get him to look at her.............well I can tell you that was the end of me the stress of the last week had just come over me and I was no use or ornament ! Luckliy hubby was with me so he took me to the seating area.

Well we had to leave Moofs there while the specialist vet travelled over.
Sooo...oooo..2 hrs later.........
He said that the eye traumas can take weeks to recover and her pupil, although still not functioning should be fine, there were no signs of damaged, eg detached retina etc, so that made me feel lots better.

So Moofs is seriously fed up, her eyes look terrible but shes resting in our bedroom, eaten and had water, so all good signs.

Think its going to be a while .............I´m jiggered but I think I needed to have a good cry.

Thanks folks !
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Oh, thank goodness - that's a relief to hear from a specialist!

I'm sorry you're so stressed out about it all, but at least now you have something to put your faith in, because Miss Moofs WILL get better and should be back to her normal self given time.

Hugs, headbutts and lots of healing purrrrrrrrrs to you BOTH!!!
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to you both.
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There is great value in a good cry (IMHO), and when one of our babies is sick it's bound to happen. Give miss moofi some hugs from all of us here, and all of our get well vibes too. Then grab yourself a glass of wine, pour a bubble bath and take a few minutes for yourself!!! Hugs
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Well...disappoointing that this isn't progressing quicker, but to have a specialist say that there doesn't appear to be damage to the retina, that the pupil will be OK, and that a long recovery is to be expected, does take some pressure off, I would think. The rejoicing may have to wait, but at least you can expect it to happen. Hang in there. We're pulling for your sweetie.
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Poor Miss Moofi...I hope her eye gets better quickly! I hope having a specialist look at her helped calm you a little. It is so tough when our babies are ill & there is nothing to be done!
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How awful for both you and Miss Moofi. At least, as the others said, there doesn't seem to be any really, really serious problem. Healing vibes to Miss Moofi and hugs to you. We're all pulling for you both.
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Well the specialist did have good things to say.
The only experience I have with eye injuries is years ago we had a dog who got hit by a car when he was about 6 months old. His one eye did have extensive damage-so much that after his other injuries healed it was removed. But during this time he was ok with it(it was covered anyway). Just is case this has to happen -in our situation our dog recovered quite well and adjusted to the one eye (we taught him how to catch a frisbee during his recovery).
Good vibes to you and ms moofie!!
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Phew...............well the healings going really slowly. ..........I hate to see her this way her spirits are a little better, but shes the baby and Im used to her flying around the house and generally being naughty !
Vets report this morning, she is pleased and again, said it would be slow. The pupil is showing a very small reaction, so were are very pleased about that.

Back to vets Wed am..............
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