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My mom might get a cat :)

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My mothers cat died about 6 months ago. She was really heart broken. I have tried several times to see if she wanted another cat but she always broke down crying so I left it alone.

When my cat had kittens she wanted one but to be honest she really can't handle a baby. She has some medical problems and walks with a cane so I didn't think a kitten was her best option. She also is on a budget so a new expense of all the shots/spay and so on would have been to much. I made sure I adopted all of mine out before she could bug me about them to much.

Anyway, to make a long story short I was looking at the ads on petfinder today and I saw a cat that I thought would be perfect for her. Here is the ad. (I know declaw is bad but the cat will be an inside cat so no fear there)

Orange Tiger Cat
Name: Tiger
Age:2 years
Wonder loving cat, indoor cat only. Declawed front and back all shots. Must find loving home for him asap. Loves all people,dogs and childern. Loves to play and loves attention. Would be great cat for an older person who is home a alot or a stay at home family or childern. He loves attention and cudling!! Adoption fee is $25.00

I was so surprised when I asked her about it and she wanted to see the ad. So I emailed it to her and my mom called and the lady is bringing him by tomorrow.

The cat sounds perfect. My mom is on disability so she is home all day and she does have a small dog that is around 9 and her dog loves cats.

She also found out he is neutered (YAY!!) and she has to find him a home because her three year old had allergies. (I know but I am not gonna judge)

If my mom likes him (which I am sure she will) the lady said she will give him to her for free. She put the adoption fee because of the kooks that try to get free cats plus petfinder requires it.

I am picking her up some litter and food tonight in hopes that she will have a new kitty by tomorrow afternoon.

I want her to get this kitty so bad. She has always loved cats and I hope this kitty can help her heal from losing her last fur baby.

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I hope she gets him! It sounds like a perfect match. Please let us know what happens!
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Oh I will and pictures as well if it all works out
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Fingers crossed here. He sounds like the perfect furbaby for your mom.

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Sounds like a great match!! I hope your mum likes him

Makes you want to scream that the last owner got a cat, declawed it, then at 2 years old decided to give it away because the daugher has allergies!!!
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Makes you want to scream that the last owner got a cat, declawed it, then at 2 years old decided to give it away because the daugher has allergies!!!
Well I don't know al the circumstancies so I don't want to judge but I think things happen for a reason so hopefully my mom ends up with a beautiful new orange baby. From what I have read orange male kitties are a special "breed" of their own so I think he will fit in fine.
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Yup, things do happen for a reason, and I imagine this boy would love going from a home where he probably doesn't get much love, to your mum's home where he will have someone there regularly to love on him
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I got some more information.

The lady told my mom she hated the thought of taking it to the pound or for it to end up in some lab. She said he was a stray cat when she found him and he was all sickly and eyes matted and she got him all well, took him to the vet., etc. so obviously she cares for animals.

Maybe she was just not informed about declawing. I mean I didn't even now how bad it was until I read more about it on this cite. And it sounds like she didn't know her daughter was allergic until after she found him and had fixed him all up.

It sounds like she really did care. I am sure she is heart broken to have to give him up after all she has done for him.

I just hope everything works out. my moms place is not the cleanest and her apartment is sort of run down (crappy landlord) but I know she will love the kitty and that her doggie Cajun will love to have a kitty buddy.

Edit: More info (I am just so excited I can't help it)

My mom emailed the lady to see if she had a pic. She didn't but she said he is not all orange. She said he has white on his paws and his tummy. He also is not a short hair or long hair, kind of in between. He sounds so pretty.
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My mother is now owned by a Tiger. The lady came to meet her and I guess it went fine. Tiger is a little scared of Cajun but I am sure that will pass. Mom said she was petting him and he started to purr. He is much larger than she expected but that is okay. Who doesn't love big orange kitties?

She said she can tell already that he is not the graceful kind so she may have to rearange some things so he does not knock thngs over.

At this point Tiger was wondering around her kitchen checking it out.

I am so happy for her. I can't wait to go over tomorrow and see her new kitty.
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That's fantastic!!!!! Sounds like a match made in heaven!
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yeah! I'm glad your Mom found a new baby! Big orange boys are some of the best cats IMO, they really are a breed of their own Congrats to your Mom and Tiger!!
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