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Litter Box Cake and a WARNING

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Probably lots of you have seen recipes and pictures of "kitty litter cakes" or "litter box cakes." I'm not posting this to pass judgement on the cake, though, just the instructions to put the cake in a (new, clean) litter box, and serve with a litter box scoop. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! Household plastics are not meant to come into contact with food!

If you make this cake, line the (new, clean) litter box with plastic wrap or foil. Litter boxes are NON-FOOD grade plastic and can easily contain the folowing and more:

endocrine disruptors
(cause major hormone imbalances)
(can cause kidney damage and
interfere with reproductive organs and their development).

The toxins can leach into any foods they contact, but have a real affinity for fats. ANY amount of time food is in contact with unsafe plastics is too long. We know that tiny amounts can cause long-term health problems that will not be immediately apparent!

Please use the scooper for decoration only and serve with utensils, and do not line the box with litter box liners or garbage bags (use foil or plastic wrap). There are very good reasons the manufacturers label these plastics "NON-FOOD grade."

Cheers, from

Here's a link, for those who are interested; your browser will find many more. The owner of the site below has shown concern for the health of her readers:

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That's true. You shouldn't heat up food in the microwave in plastic containers either.
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