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I finally complained!

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I don't usually rant..and I'm not the complaining type (most of the time)

I went into a store today to pick up my photos, and was already a bit annoyed with the company because they were unable to locate my pictures for over a week

So I went up to the counter and there was a salesgirl there less than 2 feet away from me playing on the computer. She glanced at me once and said nothing, so I stood there to see how long it was going to take her to even acknowledge me....20 minutes until her supervisor came up and asked if I was being helped, her supervisor had to tell her to help me.

Like I said I'm not the complaining type, but this was the right situation to do it so I made a complaint with the manager. I feel like a bit of a pain for doing it but she was pretty rude.
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You go girl!!!
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good for you!
If she wants to play on the computer all day and ignore customers she shouldn't be there!!
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I tend to be the same as you Tracy, I don't like to complain, but in that situation it was definitely warranted!
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I agree. I will complain if that happens to me so don't feel like you've been a pain or done anything wrong. If they don't want to work, they shouldn't have on a uniform, or be behind that counter.
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You're a paying deserve good service in a reasonable amount of time. It seems like your complaint was appropriate to me
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Yay for Tracy! If you're being mistreated in a store, it pays to complain because hopefully it'll prevent others from being treated in a similar fashion (and sometimes it leads to sweet discounts! )
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I owuld have said someting to her and then complained to the manager and demended that my photos be free! But that is just how I am. If I am a customer I should be treated like I exist!
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Good for you!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
I owuld have said someting to her and then complained to the manager and demended that my photos be free! But that is just how I am. If I am a customer I should be treated like I exist!

You did the right thing in complaining Tracey! Except I would ask for compensation next time!
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that girl should be fired and i should be working there.
Id be at your service! Actually it would be cool working in a photo store, id have lots of long chats to my customers about their photos, holidays weddings ect. it would be awsome!
now im going to apply at photo stores!
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20 MINUTES?!!!!!! I give service personnel the benefit of the doubt, but 20MINUTES!
I stood in line at a "superstore" for a half an hour once because the cashier had the line totally stopped until she could figure something out. She was already slow and I was patient for a little while, but she never called anyone for help and my frozen food was thawing. I got the whole line riled up and complained to the manager. It didn't do me any good though. She said she was aware of the problem and hiring new people. Whoop de doo.
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Fair enough, I would have definitely complained too. I'm finding the older I get, the more likely I am to complain! 20 minutes is completely out of hand. She doesn't deserve the job - tell them to hire Fran instead!
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Yay Fran should definitely move over here and work there - then I would go to that photoshop myself

I would have complained long before 20 minutes
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Good for you for speaking up. Silence implies acceptance.
If you don't speak up, people think their shoddy service or products are O.K.

Cheers, from
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