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un friggin believable!!! Not Shredder related

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Mike thought it might do me good to get out for awhile, so he took me to dinner. Right before we went to the diner, we stopped a walmart so I could get kitty litter. There was a crowd of people around this one truck near the entrance, so I went over to see what was up. Apparently earlier today there was a woman with 8 snow white kitties she was "giving away" in front of the door. As time for her to leave drew near, she had 2 kitties left. She put them into a milk crate and one lady was waiting for her husband to pick her up, so she watched the woman since she was bored. The lady with the kitties, went to get into what was her own vehicle, it was parked next to a pick-up truck that had the windows down. She looked around to see if anyone noticed her, then she picked up the milk crate, heaved it into this stranger's truck and got quickly into her car and roared away!

The two boys are really sick, eyes gunky, noses icky, each one with tons of fleas. They don't look but a few weeks old! Thankfully, the other woman hustled over to the truck and grabbed the box of kitties and has decided to take them home and raise them. I talked to her for awhile and looked these guys over and told her the first thing they need is a vet visit and some KMR! What a bunch of asses live out in my neck of the woods. What was this lady thinking heaving kitties into a strangers truck?
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How awful, I'm so glad that the lady is going to take them and that you were there to give the lady some advice on what the kitties needed.

Funny how God puts us in places where were needed at a certain time.

The really sad part is there are these same stupid people in all our communities. There everywhere. It has alway worried that if a person can't be a responsible pet owner, what kind of parent will they be.
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Sad but true....

This happens everywhere. Some people just don't get it. I live in the country and I've stopped counting how many times people just drop their cats/dogs along side the road, near a farm, etc...

The gall to actually place the kittens in a strangers truck! That is going to the extreme.

Thank God that lady with the heart of gold happened to observe this lady in action. God bless her! I'm sure the kittens will be well taken care of now.
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That is where my little white kitty came from. My sister and her equally disgusting friend each took one from a lady in front of their local Wal-mart. My sister still has her white male, now a whopping 18 lbs. Her friend abused the little female, so my daughter knocked her on her butt and took the kitty away from her. Pearl just turned 2 and is doing fine.
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Hissy, that is SOOOO horrible that someone could do that to those kitties!!! First of all, for all she knew, the person who owned the truck could have been a horrible cat hater, and might have done something awful with the kitties, or the truck might have been stranded there in the parking lot, the owner might not have even been inside and the kittens might have sat there for hours and hours in the heat, with no food or water!!

People like this just make me sick!!!!! I am SO glad that other woman saw the whole thing, and is taking the kittens home...it's
too bad she didn't get the womans license plate number, and turn her in.
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at least the kittens no longer have to live with that evil woman!

I believe in karma....she will get hers in the end!
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Oh what a bitch!
I'm sorry but that needed to be said.

Man if I was there, and she was 'giving' them away, I'd march right up and take ALL of them right then and there. Poor little buggars. I'd like to toss her, right over a bridge.
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