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Hi...never done this before so here goes. We came across a cute little stray 6 weeks ago. He was skin and bones. Our vet checked him out. A-OK. We figure he was about 1 years old. We had a wonderful month together. He snuggled, he rolled, he played....This past Saturday he went outside (we had kept him in) and disappeared for a few hours. His food dish placed outside brought him in. On Sunday I put him on a leash. Not 10 minutes later my 10 year old daughter found him. He had tried jumping off the deck. Scamp was gone. Please don't beat me up. I've done that enough. I have enough guilt to last a lifetime. How do I get past this? I need your help. I love you Scamp. I miss you. I am SO sorry.
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Im so very sorry about Scamp. What a horrible thing to discover. Bless you for showing him love this last 6 weeks. Only time will heal you. Things happen, dont beat yourself up now, it will get you nowhere in the healing process. Rest in Peace Scamp. Condolences to you and your family.
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So sorry to hear of the accident. Sometimes things just happen.

to little Scamp, play free over the bridge.
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Condolences on the loss of Scamp. This was a tragic accident but you have learned the lessons and now there is room in your home and hearts for another kitty - there are so many out there who desperately need rescue. It would be an honor to Scamp to look down from Heaven and see that his family continued to help needy cats Scamp knows this was an accident, and he will feel your love forever, and someday, he will hear you call his name and he will come running to greet you, to be with you forever this time. Please give your poor daughter hugs from my kits and me - what a terrible shock for her to have discovered the tragedy - my grandson is the same age, and I know how upsetting it would be for him to see such a thing
When I was 10, we had an outside kitty die during kittenbirth, and the memory still upsets me - she had crawled under a mobile home and no one could reach her, and my brother finally had to take his .22 rifle and end the endless suffering (but it took almost a whole day for him to become desperate enough to do the deed). Such tragedies But I know that our beloved kitties are loved even more by all those heavenly beings, and they are now playing happily over Rainbow Bridge. Hugs, Susan
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I am sorry for your loss of scamp

R.I.P Scamp

I am/we are not going to beat you up over this,accidents happen,we can prevent them if we know the dangers,but there are so very many dangers out there that not everybody knows about them,not at least until somebody like yourself and what happened to Scamp tells what happened.

What happened to Scamp should be known to people and that will be his legacy.....if only to save others.

I am so sorry you lost Scamp.
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I'm sorry for your painful loss.

Rest in peace Scamp.

Remember that you two will meet again, and please don't blame yourself.
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