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Very Sad....don't know what to do

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I need some words of wisdom. I have two cats, 12yr old female tuxedo and 11yr Maine coon (Louie) and a 6 year old boxer. My concern is with the my tuxedo cat, Spunky. Spunky has been to the vet twice this year because she has been getting quite thin and having difficulty walking (mostly her back legs). Each visit she had blood work done and both times it came back negative. The vet suggested doing x-rays but didn't seem too conerned about doing them. He said she looks to be in good health.

Well, within the past two months, she has been missing the litter box and really turning her nose up to her food. This week she's had diarreha. We keep the litter box in the basement because there is no where I can keep it that the dog won't get to it.

I guess what I need to hear is some advice on what to do now. The vets can't seem to find anything wrong with her, but I can't have her continuosly making a mess. I feel so bad for her cause she looks like she's in pain just walking around the kitchen. Not too mention Louie doesn't really want anything to do with her except beat her up (they used to cuddle all the time) She's my first pet and I absolutely LOVE her to death.
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I am sorry you are having this problem. It must be very frustrating. Have you considered taking her to another vet? Maybe someone else will read your post that recognizes the symptoms you are describing. I wish you the best with this cat. Hugs to you.
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Thanks for your thoughts. They're much appreciated.

I've taken her to 2 different veterinarian offices.
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I just had a cat put to sleep and I was on fence about ti...he was himself but he was trapped in body that was failing him...mentaly he was still the same Smokey but arthritis was takling over. What I saw yrs ago on tv(emergency vets i think) was list 3 things your pet lives for... and when they no longer have it left its time. My cat was independant and loved to just get up and go in life. When it started taking him 10 minutes to stretch and then get to food/litter...I knew that was gone. Then he no longer wanted to eat-dry or wet. finally he took to just laying in his bed getting up 3 times a day-seemed to calculate i can go eat/potty and then im done for next few hours. All I'm saying is even if you can't get an answer to WHAT is wrong with Spunky How is it affecting her. Also her getten beat up might be cause she smells different to louie. I noticed that with my cat jd going for smokey alot. How are spunkys teeth? any pawing at mouth or real offensive odor? was it a extended panel with fiv/felv, thyroid panel in addition to the kidney and all that norm testing? RJ
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Yeah, each vet did a full panel on her and all was normal. She's always seemed to have issues with her teeth.... bad breath, PEW!! Just the other day, we noticed a slightly bare patch on her face, right on the jaw line. The fur is starting to come back in though.

ryanjay, your reply is what I did and didn't want to hear. Her personality is there but she just can't seem to muster up the energy to do much of anything.
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Well, what does the vet think is wrong? Clearly there is something wrong. Maybe you need to have a full body x-ray. Diarhea is not good. I don't understand, surely they must be recommending something? I would go to yet another vet if the two you have been to are sending you home saying nothing is wrong. she may possibley have a tumour, which could be seen with a full body x-ray.
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Since she's having problems with her teeth, could it be Stomatitis or Bartenorella? Those are inflamations of the teeth and gums that cause bad breath and loss of fur on the jawline.

I'm starting to go something similar with Freckles - his bloodwork came back normal last month but he suddenly seems so thin even though he's eating and acting normal. that Spunky will be OK.
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I know TMW I'm sorry your dealing with this issue. I see your in NJ anywhere near toms river or union? I know a few place to go (and some to avoid....)Are the vets your going to coming highly recomened from friends/family/neighbors? Its like they start to become trapped in thier own bodies and thats when I know its time to let them go. RJ
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Bob'sMom, Thanks for the hugs.

ryanjay, I'm in the Mercer County area and I really like the vet we go to. They're a large ER vet in the area. They saved Louie's life when he had a urinary tract blockage a few years ago. I think I'll schedule another appointment with them and have them do some x-rays to see if anything shows up.
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Sounds like a good plan Hope you find out whats wrong RJ
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Well, we're set for another appointment this Saturday. Wish us luck.
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Good luck. I hope your baby is ok. Make sure they are checking her blood glucose levels, as weak back legs and weight loss are signs of hyperglycemia (diabetes). Are you noticing anything else? Excessive drinking and/or urinating? Ask the vet to do a urinalysis (via a bladder tap). They have got to be missing something here. 12 is not old for a kitty, something is definitely wrong. I hope it is something you can fix. *Hugs* Sending prayers and warm thoughts and vibes your way!
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