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Help, serious cat fight!

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Ok, I posted a couple weeks ago about how my two cats, who are normally fine together in a room, will get into full out, fur flying fights sometimes but didn't get very much response on here, so I'm trying again after last night's fight when blood was actually drawn.

So a little background again, Escher is a our black demon that's very puppy like, we got him from the humane society when he was about 4-5 months old (they weren't sure) and now he's 2. Phoebe we rescued from an alley where she had been abandoned, already spayed and declawed. We're guessing she's had a litter before b/c she does not tolerate anyone touching her butt or stomach and still has very wide hips. Thank goodness she's declawed (I know, I'd never do it to a cat, but I don't mind rescuing one that's already declawed!) b/c she gets very grumpy with us and Escher and will growl, hiss, and on one occasion, bite down on my wrist and then scratch up my forearm with her back claws. She's since gotten much better.

Anyways, the problem is, Phoebe is a fairly typical cat, wanting attention when she wants it and on her terms, so she mostly sleeps anywhere/everywhere and occasionally comes to us for petting. Escher is a puppy trapped in a cat body...very vocal, follows us EVERYWHERE and always wants to play (yay for Da Bird, though he's killed 6 of them). So Escher loves to try to play with Phoebe and doesn't pick up on the signs (growling, hissing, swiping, etc) that she doesn't want to play. At night it gets particularly bad when we go to sleep and can't distract Escher so it results in about 3-4 LOUD fights a week, usually fur flying and last night Phoebe ended up with a small cut above her eye (though I think it was from her running into the door while trying to escape).

What can we do? They can be in the same room together most of the time, it's only at night that they freak out! Feliway doesn't seem to help either of them and we really need to get some sleep instead of having to wake up and check for injuries on most nights!
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When I had 4 cats in the main section of the house(13 yo(Toby) who minded his own business, two 3yo-one was very laid back(Teddy) the other was spunky(charlie), and a 1 yo(dusty) who was playfull most of the time) all was good for years. The oldest passed with no change but when the youngest passed Charlie took to attacking teddy-to the point of him getting abcesses. and it was like that for a year till i put benji in the main section and let him stay out overnight(i used to worry that him being small and young hed either slip out the door or get hurt so waited till he got older. what im getting at is Charlie stopped when benji was added. Dusty seemed to have been an outlet and also kept charlie in line as hed fight back...teddy cant fight cause hes so fat. If nothing else can you seperate them or at least crate one(I used a 3 1/2 dog crate when charlie got real bad.) I know things can be touigh when they fight-but remember to NEVER physically get involved as they will turn on you if they are into the fight(...ya i learned that the hard way when i got a bite in thumb...) Also how dark is the room they start fights in-might be worth shot to either leave light on or put nightlite in. At this point with having cats I have let them devolop thier own way of whos who in the house(21 cats) and they have worked it out with the exception of 2 who think they are top cat. RJ
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