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Parasites Preventative?

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I just got a letter from my Vet hospital today ( under new management ), that all feline indoors and outdoors should have a yearly round parasites preventative measure, which can be done by applying a broad spectrum preventative applied to the back of the neck once a month, which protects the cat and humans as well. This is new to me and I'm not sure this is just a way of drumming up business since the hospital is under new management, what do you guys think?, I have one indoor cat, thanks.
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I'd be asking a lot of questions. Name of product for starters and then I'd research like crazy.
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If you are in a part of the country that is warm year around then it makes sense to treat your cats and dogs for fleas year around.

I will no doubt take a break from flea treatments from November till March since I have those lovely winters.
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Like Yosemite said ask ask ask ....
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I will definitely ask the Vet, My cat is two years old now and so far he's doing quite well, thanks for the advice.
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They're probably talking about Revolution or Frontline. My cats are, and have always been, indoor only, and I never had them on anything like that.

Then I found out yesterday they both have fleas- probably got them from having the windows open. They are now on Revolution, and I wish I had done it before now, because trying to get rid of fleas is an ordeal that I wouldn't wish on anyone!

If fleas are a problem in your area, summer and fall (until it freezes) are the worst time of year for them.

I will gladly pay for monthly meds to avoid this in the future- it's the very definition of no fun (not to mention, pretty gross!).

Ask your vet for more info- and check in to how big a problem fleas are in your area.
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