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Need vibes - BB is very sick

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I've never asked for positive vibes before but I'm asking now. BB is very sick - he has water in his lungs and the prognosis is not good. I don't know how it happened - he's only seven months old and is a wonderful cat. I can't lose him. Please put him in your prayers - if he survives tonite, he should be okay, I hope.

Thank you.
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Sending good vibes to you{{{{}}}}}
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Lots of vibes for you and poor BB! get well soon {{{}}}}
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{{{vibes}}} and prayers to BB and you.
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I don't want you to go through what I've just been through - I do so hope he improves. Are the vets able to drain his lungs? I had a cat who needed that once.
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Oh, poor BB. Prayers have been sent for your sweet baby and you!
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Sending good vibes for BB <3<3<3
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The vet has drained his lungs but he's still breathing funny... - I feel so stupid! He had an ear infection but it had nothing to do with this...I'm such a bad meomy...I don't understand what I did wrong and how he got this problem!

Thanks everyone...I'm hanging in there...
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Sending healing vibes to BB..hang in there.
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Adilah, please know that I'm sending all the good vibes I can muster for your precious little one, and please don't blame yourself.......your a good meowmy!!
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Thank you all for your vibes and prayers but BB didn't make it. I've put up a new post in the Rainbow bridge sub-forum. Although I have 9 other cats, I'm still feeling a bit lost...
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I'm so very very sorry..........
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I just saw this thread, and I'm so sorry you lost BB!
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