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Can anyone guess Trouts fave treat??

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She loves to eat bugs...just this morning she cornered a spider and she has no mercy for it...she just stomps on them and eats them

Sometimes I'll wake up in the morning, and there will be little piles of bug legs..I guess she doesn't like the legs

I live in a basement apartment, so I think at night its like a smorgasbord for her and she goes nuts eating bugs that she finds..

What a FREAK cat I have

Do your babies like bugs?
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Yes Rosie does, and boy does she go in for the kill when she see's a spider run across the floor!
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My kitters like to torture the bugs first.

Especially Poptart.. he'll stomp on the bug.. sit there with it under his paw for a bit.. then he'll let it go and walk away... but then he pounces on it again, and will flip it up into the air a few times before repeating the process.
And I've seen them all eat spiders before, but nothing other than that and a fly once. Though, they've probably eaten more than that.
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Pandora and Demeter found a spider the other night and they both just kept looking at it then each other like "what the heck is that and what are we supposed to do with it???" Pandora finally started to play with it, but I don't know if she ate it or not
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There seems to be some hierarchy of bugs for my kitties. Those at the bottom they just watch and refuse to touch (like earwigs) and then the best of the best are the house centipedes which they ADORE!!! I find little twitching legs all over the place in my house when the bugs are out. Including on my pillow one morning....i shudder to think about that one!
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Ari loves chasing and catching flies.
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Severino is the Mr Miagi (Karate Kid Movie) of cats he can catch flies in mid-air with ease! Then he eats them YUCK, I really don't want bug breath!
Sophia likes to catch spiders in her paw and open and close her paw to torture them...BIG SURPRISE!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Ari loves chasing and catching flies.
So does my Trixie!
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I found some striped bug legs on Ginger's window perch one day..just legs...
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Harley & Davidson love to watch flies -and catch them
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Hmmm, my guys are really falling behind in this ... There was a spider in the bathroom this morning, and neither of them could be bothered with it. (I had to get my boyfriend to come kill it before I could use the toilet. )

Maybe I need Trout to come by and whip my boys back into shape?
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I dont think mine have ever seen a spider before :O

THey do like moths and flies, they trash the whole apartment when they see one!
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Awww how funny, of all things Trout eats, SPIDERS !!!!!
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Mine like to "torture them first" before they kill them...they will smack them, hit them, stop on them, rabbit kick name it (keep in mind...little bitty bugs....vs...big kitties!) Jasmine usually eats her "kill" after she tortures it for a bit. Isabella is too much of a lady for that...but she does like to chase the occassional house fly around. Velvet will kill anything that sets "wing" on her "territory" lol...and Abilene is probably the best little huntress out of the group! None of the little stinkers really kill spiders though! Much to my dismay (I hate them!!!!!!!). Jasmine is the only one that "attempts" that one I usually stop her in the process and kill them myself...(brown recluse are really popular around Tennessee (i've been bit 3x.) I wouldn't chance one of my girls getting bit if i catch it in time. They all LOVE flies though!
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