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My cat eats paper!

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My cat loves to eat paper. She gnaws magazine covers, envelopes, newspaper. Once, she even tried to start eating a book while I was reading it! Does anyone else have this problem.

This morning, I noticed one of my books behind the others on the shelf. When I pulled it out, half the front cover was torn off, and the first 15 pages are missing the bottoms. All the pages were under the book, it's putting them back together that will be fun.
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Although Trent doesn't actually *eat* the paper, he sure loves ripping it to shreds! He prefers newspaper and paper towels, but will chew on any kind of paper given the chance. He has also tried gnawing on a book I was reading at the time, but I think that was more of a "PAY ATTENTION TO MMMMMEEEEEE!" thing than an "I love chewing paper." thing.
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I'm sorry, Brenda, but my cats like to eat normal things like satin ribbons. However their favorite satin ribbons are book marks. Does that make you feel better? "Ours not to reason why; ours but to do or die." It may not be an accurate quotation, but it certainly is true!!
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Nippie Loves to carry around rolls of toliet paper and knaw on them, leaving a white trail behind him. That is why we love our fur children. Their personalities are priceless!
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Man, I don't think I've really had any cats that will eat paper, there's been a few that will chew on the page in a book a little bit. Most of them have been plastic chewers! Bags, shower curtains, anything.

Isha, for some reason likes to LICK photos. She's a fruit!
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Our kitties love to chew paper - but they don't destroy it. They just nibble the corners. I thought they were teething, so used the straw suggestion. They LOVE chewing straws. Also, any cardboard boxes we come home with become toys to chew on - until it's time to throw them away. Actually, they like sleeping on the paper, too. You know - lie on the paper/magazines, wake up, play with and chew on a corner that is a bit turned up.... What Fun! :tounge2:
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Our bengals love to chew on paper:tounge2: Oh, and Gizmo, likes to lick cords and then proceeds to chew on them if I don't catch him right away. He also eats cat fur, if you can believe that one. By the time we get to him, it's already in the stomach.
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I think Molly mostly chews, but some of the paper is not there, so she must eat some of it. I had some of that Sticky Paws on a dresser so they wouldn't scratch, and she likes to lick the sticky part that is left since I took it off. She also seems to like envelopes.
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Rowdy shreds, eats AND sleeps on paper. It all depends upon the mood she's in. I had another cat, Tamale, who would rip off long strips of newspaper and spit them across the room.

I've had several, including Rowdy, who liked plastic bags, too. It may have something to do with the noise. When we bring home the groceries, Rowdy goes through all of the bags and, then ges into an empty one, to play.

(BTW - today, in addition to going through all of the bags, she rolled Bill's watermelon off of the counter. Luckily, it didn't break.)
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Ferdy eats paper. He shreds newspaper with his claws and rips it with his teeth. He will chew and swallow some of it, but most if it just gets left for us to clear up.

Balie is WIERD. He eats Fifi's fur that has been left on the floor. He also licks my nail file. He's on the table like a shot when I start to file my nails, and love licking the file when there is fingernail powder on it.

Fifi is totally normal, and doesn't eat anything other than what's in her foodbowl.

Is this a boy thing?!?
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Um I have a confession......I like chewing paper, honest. I'll rip a clean piece from along the side of a magazine and roll it into a tight tube, then I chew it.

Sigmund would have a field day with that one :tounge2:
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Angel - Isha isn't the only photograph licker, Ophelia LOVES to lick photos. Straws become toys as soon as Trent hears the slurp at the end of the cup. Trent also likes to eat fur, especially tufts left on the cat tree. He also thinks he is entitled to whatever fur is in the brush when I brush him.

Boy, and I thought my kitties were strange all this time! Guess they are just being neurotic cats after all! (Now, BuNN on the other hand.... :LOL: )
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OK, Since we're confessing--My Blueberry loves to lick the powder or lotion residue after I take a shower. I try to tell him I'm already clean, but he bathes me anyway! Of course I don't mind sandpaper baths. It seems loving to me.
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Rowdy licks us, all of the time. In the afternoons, she will sit on Bill's lap and lick his arms and fingers. She, also, does this right after his alarm goes off.
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:foot: Cooper loves smelly socks! :foot:

Not MY socks.... but my Husbands socks
(guess they "smell" better!)

We roll the socks into a ball... and Cooper
picks 'em up in her mouth.... and hides the
the "stinky balls"

Come laundry day.... I have to go digging under
the bed, couch, behind the TV for socks!!!

Glad she doesn't eat paper!
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All of mine like to lay on paper. It's a big treat when I get the Sunday paper and lay it on the floor for them. I have to make 4 piles, so everybody will get one.
Fred loves to chew on emery boards. YUCK! It makes my skin crawl when he does it.
Pearl has recently started chewing on hr brush. I will brush her, then I have to clean the hair out and give it to her. If I put it in the basket without letting her chew it first, she will steal it and hide it.
All of mine like paper bags. I brought home dinner from Cracker Barrel last night and gave them the shopping bag it came in. Fred, Leo and Georgia all piled up in it. I left it down today, I am going to try to get a picture. All 3 of them stuffed into the brown bag was just toooo cute.
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