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Opinions on Royal Canin?

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I guess this question is purely academic, as it is the only 'good' food available over here . The only other brands are e.g. Iams, Science Diet, etc. I am hoping that RC is a good brand, as Gollum free feeds on it and seems to really like it very much!
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It's certainly better than the other two brands you mention, though I don't particularly like it.
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the most important thing to do is read the label...are there no local south african brands of cat food that might be good for your kitty?
My Australian friends feed their cats kangaroo meat (giant bouncing mice, as Sylvester called them.) All the brands you mention are from the USA.

As long as cat food does not list filler as major ingredients it should be all right. Watch for meat=good
corn, wheat, peas, byproducts in the first three ingredients=bad.

My vet prescribed Rabbit and Pea Royal Canin special diet for Gizmo. I switched her to something better (also rabbit) when the label showed me that the food was more like Pea and Rabbit. The protein level was too low for my liking.

The Royal Canin sold in the shops is a little different, and as I said it's better than Science Diet and Iams, but I'd still look for local products with high meat content.
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I feed my cats Royal Canin special 33 and I am very happy with it. I recommend it!
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I think its based on what your cat likes to eat and whether they continue show good signs out health. Our cats do not like Iams whatsoever. However, I have them on Eukanuba (Luna has a sensitive stomach) and as I'm sure there are better brands out there than Euk, still I need the sensitive stomach formula without paying a hefty cost per week (Whitey inhales the food).

I did try Royal Canin about a year ago, but unfortunatley B lost his job right after I started feeding the cats this, so it was back to the cheap brand.
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I have used many RC formulas over the last five to ten years ... I call them soild , Yes many have things I dont like but so far I havent found a dry food without something I dont like....

Most RC formulas get a b- to a c+
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Have fed many kittens on thier babycat/kitten formulas and loved the results. Have used the adult with success only thing is I have a dry science diet addict kitty(so I don't hold that against rc Only reason I don't make it thier normal food is I can't seem to get a steady supply of the big bags and the little ones aren't cost effective at this point. RJ
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I prefer the brands that have the highest meat content. Even though corn gluten is not considered bad, I just prefer to see cat foods with all protein coming from meat and none of it in the form of plant sources. That's why for example, I don't even care for dry Nutro but I like the canned Nutro.
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