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cats and tabacco

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This is an excerpt from the August 2 Toronto Globe and Mail, who reprinted it from USA Today.

"A recent study finds that a cat's risk of developing feline lymphoma, the most common
cancer in cats, doubles if it shares a home with a smoker. The risk triples if the cat lives with a pack-a-day-or-more smoker and quadruples if it lives with 2 smokers, according to the Boston researchers, writing in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Cats, especially those that live indoors all the time, share breathing space with humans and may consume smoke particles while grooming their fur."

Wow !!!!
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My husband I were talking about his the other day. We are both smokers. I think it is time to quit! I have wanted to quit for months but it is so hard! I can not think of a better reason to quit now!
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Among other things, this is one of the reasons that we don't smoke inside and don't allow anyone else to smoke in our home. Before we got the kitties it was more because I hate the smell of stale smoke, and the remnants it leaves on the walls, furniture, clothes, etc. Since we got them, it wouldn't ever be a consideration. We can choose to smoke or not, but it isn't fair to force it on them.
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Go Bengal Cats, GO!!! I know it will be hard - My Mom did after being a smoker for over 40 years, if she can do it I have faith you & your husband can too.
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My cats HATE smoke of any kind, when they see it they go running.
There's been a couple times when I've smoked inside (when I did smoke) But for the most part I do it outside, or down in my basement where none of my animals go.

I never knew if cig smoke could harm an animal, but I'm not stupid and figured that I'm sure it causes them at least 'some' damage. That and I'm just paranoid anyway
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We quit. It was before we got the cats, not because of them, but you should, as you know, quit for yourselves. I have smoked since the beginning of high school, which means I have smoked at least a pack a day since 1979. !!!!! My husband developed a brain tumor, which was operated on last October. As soon as we found that out last year, we quit. It was hard. It was really hard. It was really really really hard.

We used the patch - even though it is very expensive, it is far less than you probably spend on cigarettes in two weeks or a month, depending upon how much you smoke. The physical addiction was probably over within a few days, but it took literally months to really get over the desire for a smoke. I was off the patch within a month, and fair warning: my husband and I were really unusually mean to each other, and grouchy and crabby with everyone for weeks. Every time we were short with each other we said "we're quitting smoking." It became a mantra, but without being able to be really snippy, I don't think we would have made it. We went back to smoking several times while trying to quit years earlier, just because we hated being so grumpy all the time!

Also, you will probably gain weight unless you are very conscientious about it. Apart from eating more due to the picking (it involves fingers and the mouth!), you burn several hundred calories a day smoking if you smoke a pack a day. So even if you don't change anything at all, you'll gain weight over time (3500 calories is a pound).

We both had to get new wardrobes after a couple months! We're working on taking it off now, but I'd rather be plump and a non-smoker. I feel so much better. But boy I didn't at first! I hated quitting, and I loved smoking. I miss it, but I didn't even get a cold last Winter, and I usually get bronchitis twice.

GO FOR IT! Your mind might hate you, but your body will love it. Your friends and co-workers will just have to understand. And I'm more than willing to try to help you through it, too.
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