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see I knew that was too easy.. LOL
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I've no clue at all.....
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O.K. this one's hard. But any of them are hard if you haven't seen the movie! Come on, someone's got to know this one.

And another picture:

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(You could google what you know... anime, Cloud.)
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I've never seen any of the Anime movies at all..
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is it Final Fantasy ? ?
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YES! YES! Thank you!

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

I LOVE this movie too much. It's the most beautiful movie my eyes have ever seen!

Cheers, from

Here's a bunch of trailers. You have to enter, choose "trailers" and pick the one you want to watch (and the speed):
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Okay, I got one

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Is it a monster movie?
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House on haunted hill?
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Originally Posted by goosehazel View Post
Okay, I got one

it looks l\\kinda like the house from rose red
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Is it....The Haunting?
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Nope...let me give you another hint: There's a conservatory and a lounge.
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CLUE, the movie?
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is it Clue?
post #46 of 51 soon as I saw the pic I knew it was clue....I love that movie..Tim curry is hilarious!!
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Here you go...this one is easy (I think)
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Clue is right!! Is that When Harry Met Sally?
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You're right! That was too easy!
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My husband says, "Why, that's 'Barefoot in the Park'" and continued to give details but I wasn't listening any more.

Cheers, from
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