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Terri Irwin on 20/20

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Just getting around to Terri Irwin's interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20. It is so heartbreaking to watch someone who is so obviously so in love and is just so lucky to have had even such a short time with someone so special.

I volunteered at Australia Zoo, and did some work in the office with her and she was just so wonderful. She took me along to a snake demo and it was so much fun, she was so enthusiastic and time for everyone. It's horrible to watch her in such pain

I have a couple of photos somewhere of me at Australia Zoo doing the snake demonstrations, I'll have to try and dig them up.
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I missed it, but i have seen enough to realize that Terri Irwin is a very special person, aside from having such a special husband. She has shown such strength and love for her husband, children, and the animal kingdom - you were privileged to have met her in person. It is good to read that the impressions that come across the camera are indeed accurate. I'd love to see the pics, if you find them.
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I watched it and had to laugh when she talked about the "other" girlfriend - his dog! Also laughed to hear that Steve never got along with parrots.

But I cried with Terri, too.
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I saw some of it- not the whole thing... but that interview was definetely a tear jerker for me That part when she was talking about getting the phone call just tore me up. I can't even imagine the pain she's going through losing her soul mate.
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I didn't watch it. I don't think i could have. I woulda cried like a baby!
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I wasn't able to watch it due to work but I wish I could have. But in a way I cried just listening to Bill O'Reily talking to Barbara Walters about it and his condolences for the family.
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I cried when she said "I lost my prince"....it was soo sad My heart goes out to her and her children.
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