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My first pure breed!!

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I am so excited! I finally found a breeder in my own state for Bengals! I will be the proud owner of a male bengal

He is the #2 male Available.

Unfortunately, the breeder lives way on the other side of this giagantic state and still must be air shipped :o $190.00 extra :\\ Anyways, I hope to have him by this weekend; I am so excited.
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very very cute. I love the looks of the bengals.
i am sure many people would love to see some pics once you get the kitty!!!!
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He's so cute! Congrats. Does he have a name yet?
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Congrats!! He is a handsome kitten.
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I would like to see his personality first, but I am already leaning towards 'Denali.'
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Wow, what a gorgeous boy!! Beautiful colours, and stunning eyes.
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Congratulations. He is absolutely stunning!

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I'll move this to fur pictures

He's gorgeous as well
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Oh he's so handsome...We want more pics when he settles in!!! Congrats!!!
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Congrats on your first Bengal. They are very fun and water loving. You will have a lot of fun with him.
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Wow!!! What a stunning kitten!!!! Congradulations!!
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I want a bengal too!!!! But not a kitten.. I want an older bengal.
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bengals are so exotic looking, you have to post some pictures of him once you get him!
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I will have him next Friday; gives me ample time to prepare. Also, I will have pictures galore by the following Saturday I feel really lucky to have found this Bengal Thank for ya'lls comments!
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Aww, he is just so sweet. I can't wait to see pictures of him once he gets home.
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You are going to love your wacky little Bengal. Trust me, they are loads of fun, and they will always keep you entertained. I have 2 of them, and I can tell you, they are just the most fun cats in the world to have in your life, but be prepared, they are FULL OF MISCHIEF! They love to climb, and they are in to everything.
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That is very exciting, and he's very cute. You're lucky not to have to wait very long. I waited what seemed to be forever for my kitty. (I think it was only 4 months, but boy was it hard!)
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i like the name denali,
i know a person with the most beautiful name: denali nalamalapu. . .isn't that just gorgeous?
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