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Great News

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Okay at work they opened a new position up for a hydration aid who passes ice, takes vital signs, takes the residents out to smoke and passes the juice and snakes and I put in for it and I got it. It will be better hours so I am thrilled about it. 7 am -3:30 it will take a bit to get a routine but I think I will enjoy it and when I start school I will be able to take evening classes. I start monday. but I work the rest of this week out on my second shift schedule. But I am so happy. I will finally have a job with normall hours and I won't be doing all of that lifting and tugging on residents. Three cheers for me. Woohoo.
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Yay! That is fantastic! I hope you enjoy it!
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sounds nice for you.

hehe but 7am? that is about the time, i start to think about going to bed.
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Yeah well I don't mind being up in the mornings and I will get to make sure my dad gets good meals cooked
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Congratulations on the new position! And the schedule is going to leave you some late afternoon hours to do errands at a decent hour Not to mention it will be much nicer commuting home in the winter during daylight. i am happy for you
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That sounds like of good job!! I hope you enjoy it!!
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Thanks for the congrats and yes it will make it easier in the winter and maybe easier for my dad or friends to get to help me work on my drivers liscences and for me to go to college. I think I told some people on here how bad I want to be a nurse. I am nervous in a way worring that I won't do a good job but I know I am good worker I try very hard to do whats expected of me.
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Terrific news!!
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