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Your cat problem

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Well, I truly wish I had some great news for you, Unfortunately I have had the same problem. Except it was with my dining room. I tried everything known to man. 2 cat boxes, sprinkling pepper in those areas, new cat litter,etc,etc. We replaced the carpet once, the problem continued, then we installed wood floors, the problem continued. $2,500.00 later I decided to let her outside most of the time. She seems happier now, and even when she stays in all night, she doesn't "go" in the house. Oh, if we could just read their minds.
It was hard to do, but we cannot afford to do anything else.We still love her, and she gets plenty of attention, she is basically in and out, whenever she wants.(I leave our garage door cracked open also.)
Good Luck
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Well I for one am very unhappy at your decision to let her outside, but whatever, its not my cat.

Have you tried confining her to one room, (say a bathroom) or another room with out carpet, but good ventilation, for 3 or more days? With toys, litter box, & food/water?
What about behavoiral altering drugs.

I'm very sad that you let her out.
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I must have missed the original thread, but I am assuming your kitty was having potty issues. AngelZoo is right, have you tried confining the cat to one room?? We had to do that with one of ours when she decided to not go in her litter box. It worked after about 3 days of her being stuck in the bathroom w/ just a litter box and food.

I will say though that its not our place to judge her for the decision she made. I am sure she did what she thought was best for the cat, even if others don't agree.

I for one have 2 cats that go out, and they are just fine. They enjoy the sun and the grass. They are well taken care of and are loved, and I am comfortable with the idea that they are outdoor kitties. Two each his own.
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