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Congratulations! They are gorgeous!!!!
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Thank you all soooooo much!!! I can honestly say that my DH is a true animal lover as I am.He can't say no to me about cats/ dogs are another subject as our son was bitten by our Cocker.So, we have Bandit and are very content with him and he will be the ONLY dog we have.
But, I have promised him that unless there is one that God sends to us,then we are done with adding to our fur family.
Yes, my other babies have met them.Blaze is being her usual hateful self.But, she had been by herself for so long and then we added Neela.So, she is just set in her ways.And we couldn't love her any more than we already do witchy ways and all.
Lilly isn't too sure about them either.She has hissed and growled at them both.
Corwin is the one that has suprised me BIG TIME!!! He is like a Dad to these babies!!He has washed them both and really taken over Mia.I caught them sleeping together earlier today on the couch.
My soft spot has ALWAYS been for Calicos!!

Blaze won't sit near them yet,so I haven't gotten a pic of her yet with them.
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They are both adorable!!!
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Awwwwwww they are so tiny
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Congrats! You have a wonderful hubby....most SO's know not to even let their wives near the shelter!

Sapphire, I must admit, is particularly gorgeous!
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what precious, adorable girls you have there!
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What cute kittens!
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Awwwwwww, look at those great pics!!
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they both are adorable! congrats!!!
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Thank you again everyone!!! They complete our kitty family.
Sapphire's fur is the softest that I have ever felt.(It reminds me of a turtle fur blanket.)
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You girlies are absolutely precious.
Congratulations. more pictures.
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Congrats they are both gorgeous!!
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Yes,..I second that!!! I have a 13 yr old long hair calico,..that has to be more of a rebel,...& she LOVES it outside,...& also a dilute calico,.that is about 3 yrs old,..both rescues,...& very special to me,..but they will NOT stay inside,...,..,.
Your new babies are adorable,,....They are so blessed to have you!!! TLEA
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Those girls are so lovely! congrats!
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Quote: more pictures.
Will do!! I've gotta take some more and then download them to my photobucket first.
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Congratulations on the new additions! they are both beautiful.
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Here are a couple more for tonight.I'll try and add some more tomm.

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AWWWW I just love them!! Tammy you really need a cuteness alrert on those!!!
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Where was the cuteness warning they are so adorable
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Sorry about no cuteness warning!! I went there to look at Mia and couldn't resist bringing home Sapphire too!
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They are both adorable. I can't get over what a beauty Sapphire is.
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I know.They are both so adorable.I can't believe that ANYONE would dump these babies at the shelter.But, their loss is OUR gain.
The shelter said that Mia was 10 weeks old.There is NO way she is that old.I think around 8 weeks old.I forgot to ask the Vet when I took her in how old she looked to him.The Vet assit. said about 7-8 weeks old.

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