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Showing cats, alter class?

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I am interested in possibly showing with a Maine Coon kitten I will be getting soon. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get more info on showing, requirements, and how the "alter" class works?

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For CFA the alter class is called "premier" class - the same rules apply- you need 6 winner ribbons for the Premier title and 75 points to Grand Premier. Cats must be above 8 months of age.

Here's the link:

Hope this helps!
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Look here, I know it is Tha CCA (Canadian Cat Association) but it is almost identical to other associations.

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Did you buy your kitten as a show alter? If you only bought as a pet, it may not have the top quality to be competing in the pedigree alter class. However, you could show it in the HHP class if you want to show.

The only difference between the championship class and the alter class is the cat is spayed or neutered - it still has to be top quality to be shown there. A pet quality pedigreed cat would not do well at all. In fact, the judge may tell you its not top quality. Alter class is getting to be even more competative then the championship with the quality shown
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You can show an altered Maine Coon kitten at a TICA show in the regular kitten class, up to the age of 8 months. Then the cat is transferred to Alter class.
As GoldenKitty45 said, make sure you have the rights from the breeder to show your kitten at all, before attempting it. Most breeders selling pet quality kittens won't give show rights, but maybe you bought a show quality kitten.

If you've got the show rights, be prepared for tough competition in alter class, there are lots of high caliber cats competing!

Best of luck and have fun!
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Many "ex" championship cats are shown in the alter class. Those that have made grand champions and then breed a few litters; owners neutered/spayed them and continued to show them.

If you look at the birthdates on some (like persians) you may find older cats - 6-8 yrs old - these cats already have granded as a whole cat and continue to be shown.

So you have top quality to start with in the ring.
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Not all Associations accept purebred (registred) cats in HHP (household Pets) Division.

The best thing to do when you start showing a cat is to look for a mentor, oftentimes the breeder where you bought your cat will be the one. But anyone can be a mentor.
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I am not sure yet about show quality or not, I haven't adopted the kitten yet (they're just a few weeks old right now.)

What are show rights? Is it a different kind of registration or something from the breeder?

If the kitten I adopt is NOT show quality, does anyone know if TICA or CFA allow purebred cats in the household pets class?
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You can with CFA;

All pedigree cats with disqualifying features are eligible to enter HHP Class.


And with TICA;

Household pets must be registered with TICA and judged by properly licensed judges in order to earn TICA titles and compete for Annual Awards.

**But I don't think it means that HHP are purebreds.
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Breeders usually classify their cats in one of three (or two) groups: (1) pet quality, (2) breeder quality or (3) show quality. Some combine the breeder/show.

Pet quality means the cat is not top quality according to the standard. This means it may be lacking proper markings (stripes, spots, point color) or the head/body shape is not quite what they want. That doesn't mean there is something "wrong" with the kitten - its just not show quality.

You want the best example of the breed for breeding and showing. So if a person wants to show that cat (or the breeder show) they will want the best examples.

When you talk to a breeder, the breeder will ask you if you want a pet or you want to show - showable cats are about twice or more the price of a pet quality. Say you buy the maine coon as a pet and pay $300. The show brother or sister might sell for $600 or more. Breeders do NOT want their pet cats in the championship or alter classes. It reflects on them and the cattery.

But you can show him/her in a HHP with no problem. Only requirements for that is over 8 months old they have to be neutered/spayed and not declawed (CFA). TICA and ACFA allow declawed but don't encourage it.

When I was breeding rexes, most of them were showable (very good to excellant quality). But most were sold as a loving pet. Not many are interested in showing. But the quality was there in case they changed their minds.

For example, we are waiting to find an ocicat (retired breeder or older kitten) to have as a pet. We are not interested in showing any more (like we did before). Therefore, I'm not gonna ask a breeder for a show kitten, when I have no intentions of showing. We could have had one of the nicest chocolate ocicat kittens at a show. But he was top quality and should do very well as an adult. He also would make an excellant pet - I'm sure the breeder wants to grand him (which he should) and we passed on adopting him.
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