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What should I do with my Cat?

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So I used to live at home with my mom, dad, brother, sister, and two cats. Peanutbutter and Velcro who are brothers. Peanutbutter is my cat and Velcro is my brothers cat.

I had a huge bond with Peanutbutter, he was like my best friend and would follow me around the house all day long. If I was in my room watching tv, hes right there next to me, if i'm on the computer hes right there next to me, he would even follow me into the bathroom lol.

I recently moved into a new appartment and had to make a decision of taking Peanutbutter with me or leaving him at home with his brother. I chose to leave him with his brother Velcro but now i'm wondering if that was the correct decision.

I still go and visit him for an hour or two a few times a week but what do you guys think?

Should I leave him with his brother, or should I have taken him with me? Which do you think he would be happier with?

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I think you did the right thing, hard as it may seem. Cats do relate to places, and he must feel secure where he is, plus have a friend to play with, and you're more free to carry on your life, which must be pretty busy now. If you had taken him, he'd probably be alone all day, and you'd feel guilty, so things seem to have worked out o.k.
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The cat is probably happy with his brother but it depends really. Are you in school and working full time where the cat would be all alone all day long? How old is your brother? Maybe he wil be moving out someday and won't take the cat with him as some people do and then you can take them both.
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I think that you did the right thing. When I moved out of my parent's house about 8 years ago, I chose to leave my Ragdoll Grettit (don't ask, I know it's a weird name) behind. I did this because my parent's have a beautiful garden with a six foot fence around it. He loves going out in the sun and exploring. Also, they live in a huge log house and I was moving into a small condo. Plus, he grew up with my Mom's cat. I couldn't tear him away from everything he knew and loved. He is now 14 and still living with Mom and Dad! I visit him and he still loves me!
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I think that you did the right thing. The cat is a creature of habit. He will still love you, but will also have his brother and familiar surroundings. If he went with you. he'd only have you--and you wouldn't be around all the time, so the cat might become very unhappy.
As long as you still come to see him a few times a week, he and you will have the best of both worlds.
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Yea I am a full time student and I also work. I still have been visiting him as much as possible during my free time and I plan to continue to visit him at least a few times a week. Maybe in the future I will take both cats, who knows

Thanks for the feedback guys.
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Good luck with your work and studies and remember, you did the right thing for the cat!
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