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Missy very ill =(  

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So I noticed last night my cat Missy vomited on my blanket...thought nothing about it, thought maybe she was trying to cough up a hair ball or something...

So I left for school all day....came home, walked into my bedroom and noticed another pile of yellowish cat greated me at my bedroom door....with a mess on her i got a cloth and washed her up, then she vomited again...

I left her alone in my bedroom while I went out...just came back about 30mins ago, she didnt make any mess....but as soon as she seen me threw up again.....

She's sitting infront of her dishes right now..just put fresh water and food in them....she doesnt seem to be drinking....just looking at it...

I checked in her litter box, and I dont see anything abnormal about anything in there......I feel so sorry for my kitty....I dont want to take her into the vet unless it gets worse, or lasts longer then two days...

But, is it possible kitty's can just get sick with the flu like us humans?? Should I be worried??

I just moved into this new apartment alittle over a month ago, she moved in with me 3weeks ago...and always hiding under my bed, cause shes still scared of the place and new roomie....

I checked to see if she was sore anywhere, and she didnt seem to be....was purring when I was petting her.......not bleeding from anywhere, hasnt eaten today though... just throwing up
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As I understand it, cats can become dehydrated very quickly. You may want to call your vet and have a chat with him/her, soon.
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how might you tell if a cat is dehydrated???... she has water, just isnt drinking it...she seems fine... just keeps throwing up...still very cuddly.. and purrs
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Sick and scared cats will also purr. If a cat who normally doesn't vomit is throwing up repeatedly to the point of not cleaning her own face off and not eating or drinking then then I would take her to the vet if it were me.

She may have swallowed something causing a blockage or gotten into something toxic.

Please don't ignore this, it could be something serious.
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I agree - sounds like she is pretty sick. If it were my cat I'd be at the vet right now.
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Cats purr when they are in pain too, not just happy.

You can pinch the skin on the back on the neck to test for dehydration, if it takes more than a second or two to go down she is probaby dehydrated.

I really think you should at least call a vet.
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Tried to take my cat into see a vet...but every vet in town I called refused to come back into the clinic to see my baby..... all told me to wait until the morning....WHY DONT PEOPLE UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT IT IS FOR CERTAIN ANIMALS TO RECEIEVE MEDICAL ATTENTION ASAP!!!! ughhh..........none the less, my cat ended up passing away before she ever made it to the vet....

been a very long and sad night...........hurt so badly seeing my cat in pain, and dealing with nurses and vets over the phone who wouldnt do a thing to help me......ughh, it's not right for them to treat animals this way!!!

My baby could possibily still be alive if only they had taken afew mins to come back into work and see how important it was that my cat see a vet and receive medical attention asap!!

RIP'll be greatly missed by all who loved you...
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So sorry to hear you didn't get any help. RIP sweet Missy.
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I am sorry very, very sorry. Condolences on your loss of Missy.
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Oh how sad.
Missy is at peace now.
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I can't believe this happened so quickly to Missy!!! RIP little one.
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Im very sorry to hear about your loss. And was reading over Missys previous information, and I saw that you just had a kitten die also.
I would seriously consider the fact that the kitten brought something in , killed him, and killed her.
As far as diseases, before you get another pet.
I read where Missy had never had her shots, etc..That might have been the cause
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I am sorry you lost your sweet Missy. I'm also amazed it happened so fast. As the above poster mentioned, maybe the kitten brought some virus/bacteria/disease into the home. Before you get another kittie I would suggest you do a deep cleansing of areas that Missy and the kitten hung out, wash all kitty bedding, toys (if washable) etc.

I'll close this thread now. You may want to post in Crossing The Bridge to pay tribute to Missy.
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