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Need tips!!!

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My kitty broke his leg. Now he is back home and he won't sit still. He keeps moving around and crying and it is stressing me out bad. My questions are:

How can I keep him from moving?
What can I do about a special cat box for him? He needs to use the potty soon, I'm sure.

I looked for answers in the forums before I posted a new question, sorry if this has been answered 3438327489 times.
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Welcome to TCS!

Your kitty needs to be confined to a small area so he can't move all over and injure himself more. Do you have a cage available that will fit him, his food and water bowls and a small pan for his litter?

For the litter pan something very low sided like on of those brownie pans or a small aluminum pan. Try to find something large enough for him to use, but with low sides.

I hope he heals quickly.
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T-bone(aka T, oddity, MR T) broke his leg when he was about 6 mos. I kept him in a cage in bathroom. cage was about 2x2x2 ft and I let him out to stretch in bathroom. Might not be best solution but what I did was take a thickish blanket and folded it up for more then half the cage and just put litter on the drop pan(i used regular clay litter) Yes it was messy but he used it with no crying or anythign like he did when he tried to use a kitten pan and even the cardboard box cat food cans come in. kept him in cage for about 4 weeks and then he was in bathroom(by then he put on some weight and accepted he was not allowed to jump just yet). RJ...sending fast healing and calming prayers your way
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