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RIP Smokey

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I had to put him to sleep Monday. I found Smokey(aka old man... in 98 fed him and when we moved in sep 2001 I took him with us and made him a inside only cat(had his own room for 4 years!)..estimate he was about 16 yo when he passed. He had arthritis and had trouble getting around and also had bad teeth. He was 26.9 lbs! My good old man purred the whole way to vets and in office I flea combed him until the gave him sedative. He looked so helpless as he laid there on chest. He was a MASSIVE cat all muscle. I never found out exactley when he was born or where he came from(ppl told me they saw him in the late 80s so might be older...) I knew last year he was having some trouble getting around in winter and knew he wouldnt make it another but still so awful to look at his spot and him not being there RJ
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Awwww, RIP Smokey.

I'm so glad you were there for him in his last years.
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RIP Smokey. You will be missed.
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RIP Smokey - I will light a candle to guide you home

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Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Smokey. How wonderful that your last remaining years were spent in comfort, safety and filled with love.
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Smokey what a gorgeous big boy you sound to be

The love you had here on earth will be with you over at Rainbow Bridge, so have fun sweetie
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Sorry to hear about Smokey, sounds like you gave him a good life for the time you had him.
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Aww Thank you for taking such good care of Dear Smokey

Life must have been so hard for him before you came into his life

He must have loved you so much for what you did for him,even though he is gone in body,his spirit will be there with you,His spot may look empty,but he is still there because he loves you.

R.I.P Dear Smokey baby
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace and play Smokey.
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