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Well I was sitting in the room with the kittens last night, And 2 of them went to the pan to go poop,and both of them meowed while doing so.. :-/ But after wards was jumping around like a banchie. Was it because they are getting used to going? I looked to make sure the poo wasnt red or anything, and it was kinda firm.. would that be why? Cause it is firm? Is this something I Should be alarmed about?
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was it there first poo by them self's ? all mine done this i think it scare's them a bit lol
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Mine did it too when they first got used to going.
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All 5 of my recent litter did this. Guess they are afraid its comign and mommy isn't there. My hand raised litter didnt but they tended to go on floor first few poops. RJ
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hhehe yes.. it is one of the first few poos they took... it was cute tho, she would go to the pan,and sit there and meow.. Like "Get it out Get it out!"
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I was nervous when my first foster kittens did that, but now many fosters later, it seems to be a very common occurrence. Maybe they're bragging about it like little human children when they go to the potty the first time.
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