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Tiger is having to go to the vets tomorrow - Page 3

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Oh poor Pebbles! I hope they can work out what's making her poorly and have her on the mend soon without the need for tests and sedation!

How frustrating about Tiger's results! You'd have thought that everything would have come back together and the vets would let you know! As you say, how are you expected to know when they will have them back?

I hope you have more luck with them today!
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Well, Tigers results have finally come back - negative for both!!! I am so pleased, and it is 2 weeks tomorrow since she was there, so a long time for worrying!! She is eating really well today, playing with me etc.
Pebbles has had normal poos again today, so hopefully that is the start of it - although she is still on sensitivity food so I have to see what happens when she goes on normal food, and they both need worming, which could explain the gassiness. I think I know the reason why though, as when Tom went, I decided to leave dry food down all the time, and might have been generous with topping it up. Since then, Pebbles has had diarrhea and Molly has had constipation (normal for her though, but not normally as long), so as the vet suggested I give Molly mainly wet food, I think the 'free feeding' could have had something to do with it. And realistically, it has only been a week since hte first lot of diarrhea (I jumped on it straight away as her third eyelids were already up), so I Feel quite comfortable with my vet not wanting to do tests.
I am going to change my vets back again though, the new vets might be cheaper, but they are further away, and as they are so cheap, have a lot of clients, which I simply dont think they can cope with as there is one vet and one receptionist/vet nurse. And I wasn't happy with how they dealt with Tiger, and felt comfortable taking PEbbles back, as it wasn't the cost that stopped me going - and both girls are insured anyway.
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Hooray for Tiger's negative lab results.
I know that is a huge relief.
Pebbles...let's keep those nice firm poos coming sweetie.
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all 3 are eating well and pooing normally, so looks like I am off poo duty - just in time for the next one!!
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You get a poo break.
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I'm so pleased that the results came back negative! ....and hoorah for having a break from poo duty!

Is everything getting ready for Shadow's arrival now?
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i know, it is such a relief!!! Didn't take long to get ready for Shadow, but all 3 girls were in the front room earlier, was really odd. Molly has started coming down more the past week or so, but Pebbles rarely comes down (my excuse for being on the PC so much, they spend time with me then, rather than ignore me!!)
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Is shadow at yours now?

Maybe the girls were making a welcoming committee for her - maybe they'll help you with her? That's great to hear that Molly is spending more time downstairs!

Do you really need an excuse to go on the 'puter?
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Yep - have posted an update on my Wonderful Afternoon thread - no pics yet though, she is still hiding in the carrier. I dont know what possessed all three to be sat in the front room, but it was nice to have all the cats in teh same room!!
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