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Tiger is having to go to the vets tomorrow

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She is off her food again, she was there on the 8th Sept for the same reason, so I think they might want to do tests this time, as he did say last time if she wasn't better over the weekend, to bring her back for blood tests. Please keep your fingers crossed for her, I really dont know how I would cope if he thinks this is serious - I am used to cat illnesses, but this is rather soon after Ginger!! She is 13, which is a bit of a worry, and has been a tad more temperamental than normal.
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*crosses fingers* I hope that everything turns out for her, as well as for you *hugs you both*
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Sending lots of vibes for you and Ginger.
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good luck at the vet's!
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Precious Tiger....many hugs & prayers that this is something simple.
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Sending out vibes to you and Tiger .......
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Hope everything is OK, lots of good health vibes coming her way.
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Sending healthy ((((vibes)))) Tiger's way.
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Oh dear

I hope that it's nothing serious and Tiger is back onto her food soon!

Many Health }}}VIBES{{{ heading to Tiger and Calming }}}VIBES{{{ and to you
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for Tiger at the vet's!
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Any updates ?
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Sorry, hardly been able to get off the phone since we came back!! Well, the poor old thing had a temp of 104!! I was glad it was winter, as she sunk her teeth in and has punctured and bruised my skin through my denim jacket!! No sign of any teeth issues, so he gave her two jabs, and said they would keep her overnight - if her eating is fine, then hopefully they wont need to do anything more, but if it isn't, they are going to consider blood tests and xrays, but it really all depends on what happens overnight - still dont have a good feeling about it all though. He said he may be able to detect a slight murmur, but wasn't sure, so he will recheck that in the morning - he also said they may test for FIV/FeLV, so I made it clear I didn't want an in house test doing, I would rather pay for the Glasgow one if it costs more than the in house one. So we still need vibes, and obv need to find out why she has such a high temp. And they are shutting early tomorrow, so it looks like I wont be picking her up till Sat.
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Oh no...poor Tiger.
That fever is very worrisome.
I will be sending healing thoughts and prayers for your sweet girl.
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Awww poor baby .... sending more vibes to you both ....
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Thanks, it is a bit worrying - I just hope it is an 'unknown infection' and that it isn't due to anything more serious. Tiger is one of my fosters, so I do hope that she recovers from this and can find a wonderful furever home.
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Oh poor sweet Tiger!

I hope that it's nothing more than an infection and it'll clear up soon! She has been through so much lately - with her move from her long term home and her cage going, it could be stress related?

Sending continued Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ her way and lots of to you
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i am not a happy bunny tonight, I need a couple of things confirming before I see the vet tomorrow so that I dont have a go at them for soemthign that they were right to do. They didn't feed her until this afternoon, as apparently she needed to be pre starved for her FIV/FeLV test, and they didn't want to do any other tests until this one had come back - which will be in about a weeks time, as she isn't sending it off until Mon so that isn't good in my opinion either. she can come home tomorrow morning though, and I have spoken to the rescue who have agreed with me that there is no point in isolating her until they come back - if she has either, she either already had it, or has caught it from one of mine (none are tested, not something I see a need to do)
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Sending nothing serious vibes to you and her ...
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Oh poor Tiger, and how stressful for you. Hope there's nothing serious wrong.

That doesn't sound good re not sending the blood off til Monday. When I booked Jaffa in for his blood tests they made a big thing of it having to be a morning appointment so that they could get it sent off the same day as they didn't like having to keep blood samples overnight. Maybe it doesnt matter for FIV/FeLV testing.
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It does make a difference with the organ tests, but obviously not with the FIV/FeLV - it better not anyway!!
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Hope everything turns out OK, and you can get some sleep
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That is very disappointing that they are waiting to send the samples off on Monday!

I'm pleased that Tiger can come home though and stay integrated with everyone!

Continued }}}VIBES{{{ coming to you both!
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Have picked her up - didn't see the vet as her results haven't come back, which gives me a chance to get my facts straight before I say anything. She has eaten 3 pouches of RC sensitivity food while there, and they sent her home with 2, but I gave her Whiskas - she has eaten a pouch!! He has also given her Rimadyl (anti-inflam) and Clavesptin (antibiotic - never heard of it though), both appparently palatable, and that has made me happier. She does seem happier in herself .
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You are taking such good care of Tiger....
Sending vibes that she continues to eat.
How was her fever...did anyone talk to you about what they think her problems are?
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Me too!!
Not yet, they are waiting for the FIV/FeLV test to come back.
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My fingers are crossed that the FIV/FeLV tests come back negative.
Hugs & head bumps for you both.
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Me too, as I honestly dont know what we are going to do if it comes back positive for either. Will be next Fri at the absolute earliest before I know, part of me wishes I didn't have so many issues with the inhouse test, as I woudl have known yesterday if that were the case, but if it had been postive, it would have had to be sent off, so pointless. She has eaten some biscuits and had some treats for having her claws cut, so hopefully she will be fine.
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WEll, she hasn't eaten all her tea or supper, but they did get something new today for their tea, so hopefully that explains it, as it took the girls ages to eat all theirs too. Then to top it off, Tom hasn't eaten any supper - he even slept through me shaking the biscuit box to dish out Tiger's, that is unheard of!! Sniffed his treat bowl, then went and slept in Ginger's bed - hopefully they will both be fine by the morning.
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Oh I hope that this is just a simple bug that they caught.
Sadie and Dexter come down with an occasional cold type virus and don't feel well but then it passes and they are OK.

Tom & Tiger....lots of healthy, hungry vibes are on the way sweetie pies.
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Thanks - was an odd night, Tom slept downstairs, Pebbles on teh floor, so twice during hte night I had no cats at all on the bed, practically unheard of!! And I have only had one on the bed this morning, very odd for a Sun morning, it is normally lazy morning with me wanting to go and hop in bed!! Pebbles third eyelids are up now as well, so at this rate, i will be taking some time off work tomorrow!!
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