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Moving the kitty...

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Well, my husband and I are in the slow process of moving from our apartment in the city to a beautiful little house in the mountains. My question: how do we make this as easy as possible for Abby?

Currently, we're up at the house every weekend. Would bringing her with us on the weekends be a good or bad idea? Too much change? It's only about anhour long drive, so that part isn't too bad, though she is not a car ride fan at all.

Also, we'll be moving all of our big furniture up about 3 weeks before we actually move up. How can we make that time easier on her? (Her current favorite spots are the usual, under the bed and on the chairs underneath the dining table) Since her table and bed will be gone, is there something else that we can do to help her feel safe?

Lastly, and for some background info, Abby was a stray in our apartment complex until a month ago or so. Her previous owners had lived in our apartment, and when they moved out, left her outside and off they went. Naturally, after that type of experience, she is vary wary and worried when we start moving things and taking them. This weekend was the first time that we moved anything out of the apartment to tak ewith us, and she was mighty freaked. She's been very clingy since we got back. We've been makign sure not to change any of her other routines, and giving her lots and lots and lots of love. Is there anything else we can do for her?

Thanks for all your help, we know that Abby is going to love the new place (mountains= lots of bugs to hunt!), but we want to make the transition until then as easy as possible.
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Well I am a newbie cat meowmy, but I will take a stab at this one.

I don't think bringing kitty with you on weekends will help. If anything it will be more shuffling around. Cats hate change, so you probably need to make it as smooth as possible by trying to re-create layouts as they were in your apartment.

Can you provide other places for her to hide now (like some crummy old mattress) so when the big furniture goes, she will still have some place to hide under? It doesn't have to be pretty.

I'm sure folks with more experience will chime in...good luck!
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