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Is it baby, yet?

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Got a 10-hour day, today and won't be able to check in, until late.
Debby, let us know, if the baby comes. Looks as though she's going to have a ton of cyber-godparents.
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Absolutely! And we all expect a personal PM when Amber DOES arrive!! You better have a laptop with you Debby!! :laughing:
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We're all anxiously waiting for the first pictures too, Debby.
I'm sure Amber will be absolutely precious!!!!
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lorie that baby blowing bubbles is darling!
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What did I miss? Is Debby in labor?
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No, but I read in a thread that she is going to be out all day and that she will be checking in this evening when she gets home. I think I read that in the thread about Shredder.
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She has a doctor's appointment today and it is 70 miles from her home, so I don't think labour yet.
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Maybe the doctor will decide to induce labor. I hope the hospital Debby is planning to have the baby in isn't 70 miles away too. When I was in labor, even the two mile ride to the hospital was horrible!!!
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Yup Lorie - it is 70 miles away!
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Maybe they induced her?? I think she was due yesterday if I remember right. I spoke to her by phone the other day, and she was nervous I think about the 70 mile trek to the hospital. Poor girl, I can't imagine having to drive 70 miles while in labor. UGH!!!

Hopefully she'll sign on tonight if she's home just so we know there is no baby yet!!
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It looks like Debby didn't sign in last night, and she doesn't seem to be here this morning.
Maybe she had the baby?????????
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Yesterday she was supposed to go somewhere. She's had us going, hasn't she? Everybody's pacing the halls, and we don't know anything! I know Aug. 1 was the due date, but babies come when they want to! Hey Debbie!! Check in, ok?
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I had the same thought last night, she probably had the baby. She normally checks in, and hasn't, so it looks like maybe baby Amber has arrived????????????

Debby, where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?????:tounge2:
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She said she wouldn't be checking in yesterday, so I didn't look for her. Hey, Debby, today's another day. Time to let all of us worry warts know if you're around! DEBBY ! !
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We're anxiously waiting to hear from you DEBBY!!! Has Amber arrived yet?
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where are you???????????????
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Debby was just asking how Shredder is, so I guess we all have to pace the halls some more. It's harder on Debby than on us though!
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I'm here...I'm here!! I wish I had some good news to tell you all, but no baby yet!

I was shopping in Des Moines with a friend of mine who is pregnant also, and we were gone till evening, then just when I was ready to go online, we had company pull in the drive, and they stayed till midnight! I was exhausted, so I slept in this morning till 10:00!!

Thanks for thinking of me!!! I REALLY appreciate it!!! I don't know how long they will let me go, before they induce labor. A neighbor of mine just had her baby last month, and she was a little over 2 weeks late, so it may be awhile. My next Dr.'s apt. isn't until Tuesday.

I have my camera packed in the suitcase, but it isn't a digital one, so after I get pictures of her taken, I will have to wait until the film gets developed before I can post the pictures. I will have to e-mail the pictures to someone (I think Hissy will do it for me) to post for me, since the pictures they put on the disk, are too large to post here, and I don't have a website or photo shop to resize them from. Unless I get my butt in gear and figure this scanner out which is still in the box. I just don't have the brain energy to mess with it right now.

But even so, I would have to wait for the pictures to be developed, so it will be several days before I can show off her pictures, once I finally have her! But I PROMISE I will!!!!

When I do have her, I will be in the hospital for a couple days probably, and then I'm not sure how soon I will feel up to sitting at a computer...but as soon as I possibly can I will let you all know!!!

I have decided to just resign myself to the fact that it may be another week or more, that way, if it happens sooner...GREAT...but if not, I won't be so disappointed.
I just have the feeling she is going to be way late. When I was at the doctors on Monday, they said my cervix hadn't opened up one little bit yet.
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Don't worry, Debby! The day will come, you will surely not stay pregnant forever!! Although I know it seems like that at times

Glad you are ok though, word was around here that perhaps you went to DesMoines shopping and instead of coming home, checked into labor and delivery!!!!

Keep us posted, we are all anxious to know whats going on with you.
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Debby, You are so smart to assume that it will be at least a week before the baby's born! Keep thinking that way and try to get some rest. We will try to stop pacing the halls!
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We're worse than a bunch of nervous, first-time fathers.

Debby, I went two weeks late, with my first and I was starting to dilate, a month before. They, finally induced me.

Keep us posted.
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