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snowbell tomorrow....

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Could't find an appropriate title to this, if it's not good here delete it

Tomorrow morning Snowbell will be neutured.. at last. I have to take him back home at 4pm. So here I fire the questions. Where do I put him when back home? quite place? my bed? After how much time will he be on his feet? Can he get an infection there? Will he be shaved between the legs? When can I wash him after the op? Will he be vomiting or have diarreah after the op?
Sorry for so many questions, I'm a bit preoccupied about him
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Male cats have a much easier time than females. Here is a bit I grabbed from a veterinary website:

There is minimal recovery with this procedure. Most hospitals, like ours, discharge kittens the same day as surgery. There should be no bleeding or swelling. It is a good idea not to bathe the kitten until the incisions have healed 10-14 days from the time of surgery.
I think your little boy will be fine. You may not even notice the incision. Just be sure he doesn't get the wound infected, but there may be two or three very small stitches. Some neutered male cats are playing and acting normal on the same day as the surgery (according to friends)
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All those questions should be asked of the doctor, not here (where you'll get 100 opinions, but no actual medical advice).
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thank you gizmocat, I was so worried yesterday, and today I felt so bad leaving him behind at the vet's, I felt horrible. He had never been in a cage before, I guess he thought I was leaving and never coming back

Larke I asked the vet the same question I asked here yesterday, I was just being paranoid that something will go wrong today that's it. you know he's like a child to me and like all parents I guess I worry too much for nothing, but I can't help it.
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I felt horrible when I took my poor cat for an echocardiogram! But she was good as gold and loving as ever when we got home. Your little boy will still love you!

Please write after you have picked him up from the vet; I am sure he will be fine.
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The vet said he will be ready at 4pm, but I will be there at 3 ! I know it's not a big deal about that surgery, I was more upset when I left him there in that ugly cage. I will surely post here when he comes back and see he's allright.
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He is a beautiful boy and you are doing him a real favor by having him 'fixed'.
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It is very hard to leave them at the vet like that because you can't really explain to them that you will be back, I feel your pain. But he will be as good as new before you know it! It's so much easier with the males!
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I'm home at last. He's very sleepy and afraid. I put him in the bathroom with towels and newspapers ( he already peed on the car seat) I put also a bowl of water. He is very jumpy at times :/ but falls to the floo, I think he's very :/ The vet also took off his baby teeth ( i haven't asked)
As I was at the vet's a woman came in with a box and a ginger cat in.. oh my she was wailing (the cat). It looked like she was really in pain, she said she found the cat in the street and wasn't walking and brought it to the vet, he said he had to put it to sleep... poor thing.
Anyway Snow now smells awful (pee) and can't wash him, but I have to do something he smells terrible. I will give him some time alone in the bathroom, to adjust himself and be quite.
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I hope that Snowbell is feeling better soon. Most animals are a little woozy after anasthesia; it will probably take him a day or two to return to normal.
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Way to go for neutering Snowbell!!
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Well ,just to let everyone know that snowbell is ok this now, far better than he was yesterday. He needs a wash soon Thank you all for giving me support, really thanks X X X
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