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cats n dogs

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I have a question, if anybody can answer it. my four year old toy poodle Blackie who is usually sweet and affectionate is not getting along well with my new kitten Aislynn. How can I introduce them so that they will be friends, at the least tolerate each other. So far I must restrain Blackie otherwise he barks and terrorizes the kitty, and she hisses at him. Any suggestions????
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Kelly - Welcome...has Blackie ever been around kitties or is this a new experiece for him?
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No he has not, as far as I know, I don't know what happened in his puppyhood though.
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As hard as it is, eventually you will have to let them work it out. A little at a time and they will get bored with each other. I really think if you let them work it out while watching them like a hawk they will decide their perspective places in your life and all will be fine.
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Even sweet tempered animals don't like the sudden appearance of strangers in their territory. It's always best to have a slow introduction with new pets. Keep the newest addition in a separate room for a few days (with all the comforts, of course), switching the pets out for a few hours each day so they can get used to the other's smells in an unstressed way (as in not also confronting the stranger.) After about a day or two, wedge the door opened a crack so they could eyeball and smell each other, but not get to each other. Rub each animal with a towel then rub the other animal with it, so they get each other's scent on themselves.

Face to face meetings need to be very carefully controlled and supervised, with treats for calm behavior, and separation when things are not calm.

Here are some links with tips on introducing dogs and cats, adding more than I wrote: http://www.catcaresociety.org/intro.htm, http://www.scvhumane.org/behavior/dog/dog_cat.htm, http://www.cbrrescue.org/cats.htm

The safety of the kitten is very important. The younger the kitten, the more risk there is. A toy poodle is not a threat like a large dog would be, but is still bigger and stronger than a kitten and could hurt or kill it if he grabbed the kitten by the neck and started shaking it. Your dog should obey sit, stay and leave it commands very well. If he doesn't, that needs to be worked on. You will need to keep the dog on a leash until he quits lunging and barking at, or trying to chase the kitten. This is important. You surely don't want a prey instinct to come up in the dog, with the kitten being the prey. Give the dog treats every time the kitten is near, but the dog does not bark, lunge, try to chase etc. Treats for kitty too, for not hissing.

Some dogs get very upset and turn aggressive towards another animal coming near their food while they are eating, so be on guard for that when the time comes that that animals are ready for free mingling. Speaking of food, of course the cat needs to only eat cat food, (though a few nibbles of dog food won't harm him), and you don't want the dog to eat the cat food, so feeding times will need some monitoring.

Good luck.
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Thank you I will try those suggestions.
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