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this is for my cat lucky...she was going to be 15 in march...she died sept 16 at 9:35 pm...she had been losing weight for about 2 months, but seemed ok otherwise...she ate, and every morning, she came into the kitchen when she heard me in there so i could give her a dish of milk...people say it's not good for them so i only gave her about a tablespoon every time...she'd meow and meow until i gave her her milk...she ran over every time i opened a can of cat food...she was using the restroom normally...everything was fine...then i noticed her nose was getting pale, and with the weight loss, i decided to take her in...the doctor did blood tests and said her kidney and liver levels were not where they should be, so maybe there was a tumor somewhere, so we did a chest x-ray, and that came back ok...the next thing to do , the doctor said, was to get a sonogram of her abdomen, which would be at least $300...and i didn't have the money...so they gave her some med. and then, the following week she died...in the end, she could not really walk anymore, she'd fall to the side...she wasn't very active, but she never complained...she was quiet...unless of course, i had a can of food for her...on the last day, she didn't want to eat, and that night, she tried to walk to the bathroom but got about 5 ft. and laid down and peed right there...within 40 min, she was gone...i held her as she took her last breaths...and then my family all said goodbye and i took her to the ER...one other thing, she was eating litter, and i don't know why...she never did that before...and i think she only ate the clean litter because once when i changed it, i watched to see if she'd go to the bathroom...but instead, she came in and started eating the litter...i tried 'yesterday's news' litter, but she didn't like to use that, so i had to use the regular litter...we had her cremated, and i brought her back home...i miss her so much...i have 2 other cats...one is my mothers, and the other one is lucky's neice...they grew up together, and she misses her...she's 13...i hope she stays with me for a long time more... rebecca
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oh Rebecca, I am so very sorry for your loss. Its never easy to say goodbye to a loved one but how wonderful that Lucky's last moments here with on earth were spent hearing and seeing the one that loved him the most. You will see each other again, of this I have no doubt

RIP Lucky - I will light a candle to guid you home - fly high darling

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Rebecca Im so sorry you lost Lucky. RIP Lucky.
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Rest in Peace sweet Lucky. You are missed.
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I am so sorry for your loss. I just lost my Hoggie yesterday and feel your pain. I have my other cat Bells but she misses her brother and keeps looking for him. I know your other cats will be getting a lot of extra loving over the next few months
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Condolences on your loss of Lucky. i am glad that you have other kitties to share your grief and provide you comfort during this sad days. Rebecca, please keep us updated on how you are doing - coping with the loss of such a dear sweet kitty is a rough road indeed but most of us have experienced it, and we share your pain. Susan
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Rebecca i'm so verry sorry Stay trong for the other cats because they need you

Lucky the gates are open for you to walk across to Rainbow Bridge, so have a wonderful time sweetie, your new friends are waiting for you

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So sorry to hear about Lucky, it's so difficult to see them suffer, she is pain free now and playing in heaven.
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It is so sad that you have lost your Lucky kitty. It is so difficult when the vets can't really figure out what is going on. I'm sorry she is gone.

Rest in peace, Lucky girl. You are truly missed.

Welcome to TCS (TheCatSite), Rebecca. I hope you will stay and post about your other kitties.
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R.I.P Dearest Lucky

I am so sorry for your loss of Dear Lucky,she will no longer be in pain anymore,she will be happy and playing in the warmth of all the love of her new friends at the bridge.
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I'm so sorry for your sad loss and I, too, hope you stay here with us at the cat site.

Rest in peace Lucky.
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