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Odd lumps under neck

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Ok i called the vet and they wanna see Kirra but i have to find a way there, hub has car lol but 2 weeks ago when she had her seizure they tried to draw blood for tests, they went for her neck first and missed 3 times, than got it from her arm. Well a few days later her neck had some small bumps but since they missed i wasnt to worried, i know how my skin gets when they miss a vien. Well here we are two weeks later and all the areas have hard masses under the skin and one area she has scratched at the skin causing scabs. Has anyone else ever encountered this after their cat was stuck for blood?

here is what her neck looks like, i shaved the fur around it so i could watch it better since it grew back in.

this is both areas

you can see the one lump is the size of my thumb

this is what she did to the other from scratching(edit, i think she scratched it, i have never seen her scratch there but its all i can assume since it scabs over than will be oozing again a few days later)
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I got her a vet appt for tomorrow at 3:30pm, meanwhile they said to clean teh open one with peroxide. the one that is the size of my thumb i got a closer look at with the fur shaved and you can see the small hole were they stuck her and it still is scabbing over. i never seen this before, it doesnt hurt her
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ok nother question (for when someone has any answers lol) if this is an abscess and they have to lance it, do i need to hold off on her food tomorrow before we go in? what if they wanna put her on liquid antibiotics? we already know from the worms and stuff when i got her she doesnt tolerate liquid medicines well and throws up constantly.

i am just glad the vet will eat the cost of all this since it happened from something they did
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That looks scary but I am known for being a bit tooo cautious ... I am glad she is going to the dr ... as for lancing I would call the vet and ask
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I wouldn't withhold food--there shouldn't be any anesthesia, which is when they need the kitty to have an empty stomach. If they try to give liquid antibiotics, explain that her body does not tolerate those, and that you need something in pill form. Spot never could tolerate most antibiotics, and my vet knew about his issues--there was even a note in his chart in case another vet saw him.
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thanks, the vet should already know she doesnt handle liquids well, she sees a private practioner lol, he is the only dr in the building.

i will let yawl know how it goes
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Sometimes they need reminding, so if he does try to give liquids, just tell him you need pills instead. Keep us updated.
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OK well we finally got to the vet this morning (had emergancy with my oldest son last week so had to delay vet till today, bleh) and the vet said the lumps are from the needles, she has an infection. He said he sees this alot were the cats become hypocondriacts and start scratching at even a shaved spot and will dig and dig till its infected. Because of her vomiting history with amoxicillian he decided to put her on k-flex for the next 14 days, 3 times a day. He said that if she starts throwing up we will try other options. But he said as thick as the lumps are it will probley take at least 3-4 days before we see any signs the meds working and up to 3 weeks for it to completly heal. But he ate the cost of the visit and the meds because as he said no matter what it happened in the end cause they stuck her lol. So icky meds here we come.
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Poor Kirra; hope she's feeling better soon. Good luck with the meds.
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