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Our daily thread for Sunday, April 8

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Okay everyone,

I need to vent. My depression is reeking havoc on me today. I am in an EVIL mood. My car is dying, an apartment I looked at yesterday was given to someone else and I feel just plain CRAPPY! I am going to clean like my ass is on fire to try and get rid of some of this anger and to keep me from crying like a baby.

Still haven't found a home for Georgie yet. Last night I was up until 4 a.m. because the munchkin I am fostering is in heat and lets the whole neighborhood know it. Unfortunately, I have to deal with it till the next cycle then she'll be bred. In the meantime, I am under pressure to find Georgie a home by the end of the month so that Faberge (the horny munchkin) and her "intended" have a place to make their "love connection" in my spare bedroom. Georgie is going to be hard to place because he is a big boy. And, he needs his shots, of which I don't have the funds to pay for it. I believe that the Navy should take some responsibility for him seeing as it was a military family that abandoned him and he was left on military housing.

Okay, now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm going to clean. I hope everyone has a better day than I'm having.

Thanks for listening

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Oh, Donna, I'm sorry to hear about your woes. Life sometimes just loves pulling the ole proverbial rug out from under ones feet.

I'm glad Geargie is doing well. Has he gotten over hiding under the bed yet?

Tiger's recovery is speedy. Socs is back to his normal defiant self. And I've spent the first weekend in a long time home all by my self and my kids in a long while.

Now, it's time for the Sunday night tv line-up on Fox. Futurama, Simpsons, X-files.
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Hey Chuck!

I'm going okay. Georgie is fine. He's on my bed purring away. Gotta find him a home though. I've got my foster cat going into heat and nowhere for her to have a "love connection". My deadline for Georgie finding a home is the end of April. Sandie and I are going to get him his shots and I'll bring him to the cat show in a couple of weeks with the hopes of getting him adopted. Keep your fingers crossed.

I'm glad your kitties are back to normal. Did you ever get your monitor fixed or replaced? I think they're fairly inexpensive. I'll be a work tomorrow night and all week if you feel like giving me a call.


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Several days ago, my computer system underwent a factory restore and I lost all my data. That included the name and postal-service address for Meow Man, to whom I was going to send a contribution for Tiger. If anybody (who reads this) knows the user-name and/or electronic-mail address of the person who'd agreed to dispense Meow Man's contact data, please let me know via this board or any other medium.

Thank you!

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Mr. Cat ....I beleive it was Deb who had his address. I have it written down somewhere too, if you can't get ahold of her. I even have the money laying right beside it, but do you think I can rememeber to put it in an envelope and actually mail it? Geesh I'm awful! Plus I can't mail it from home, or my hubby would be like..."Who's Chuck?" and would never understand. So I have to take it to town with me and mail it some day. (When I pull my head out and remember!!) LOL
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