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is your dog a protecter?

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When I use to live in an apartment I had only one dog, a black lab named Winnie. Winnie is the sweetest dog, i have never seen her be mean to anyone or anything, very easy going.

Well one day we had a problem with are sink, it was really bad all the water from everyone elses apartments was coming up through our sink. So the landlord was going to send someone to fix it, he asked me if the maintanince people could just come in or if i wanted to be there. I told him i need to know when they come, since i have a dog I wanted to be there. Needless to say he never did tell me, i left one day to run errands. When i came back I found a very large man in my kitchen, I looked over and Winnie was sitting on the couch.

The maintanence guy told me that I have a very good dog. I thought he was saying this cause she was calmy sitting on the couch, but he told me when he first came in she went crazy, barking and growling at him like mad. He said he had to go on his hands and knees and crawl to the kitchen to the dog treat bowl and give her treats before she calmed down. I thought it was kind of funny only cause i was picturing this 6'5 big huge guy crawling to my kitchen scared of Winnie, my sweetie pie.

I was happy to know that Winnie would protect me and her home when im gone, she would never bite or hurt anyone, but she can sure scare them if they come in with no one home. I didnt know she had it in her.

I do have to say having dogs i feel much safer then i did without dogs. At night I know they will let me know if something is wrong.

Anyone else have a dog that surprised them with their protection skills?
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My boy, Bear, is a big, bumbling, sweet natured dummy of a dog.
He barks when someone is at the door, which is great.
I was always convinced though that if anyone broke in, he'd show them to all the valuables.

I was walking him one day and a drunk man approached me carrying a stick.
The man was harmless, he only wanted a light for his cigarrete, but Bear went ape at the guy, I was dumbfounded.
Bear usually cowers behind me and growls at strange things, he was between me and this guy, hackles up, and stiff legged.
I finally figured out that Bear percieved the stick as a weapon, so I explained to the guy that he had to put it down.
He did and Bear was fine.
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My little furball Vino is very protective of his Mommy, I often say that he is a Rottweiler inside of a Lhasa's body I've been play wrestling with a friend before and Vino went ballistic, tried to attack my friend in order to get him away from me. He didn't understand that we were just playing If someone is in the house, like a repairman, he will stick right by my side, he even did it when my ex came over to pick some stuff up.... guess Vino didn't remember him
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ummmmm... let me think about that.... NO!

Brody will bark like crazy when someone knocks at the door, but he hides behind me and creeps up to it when I go to answer it
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RB cocker spaniel Rex - very protective of me to the point when Dad reached out to smack me (I talked back ), Rex jumped at Dad to protect me.

He would also sit between Mom and any stranger who had come to our house (she was a notary public).
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Buster, my hound certainly is. Rocky is. Jenny, sort of. Ginger, um I don't think so.
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That would be no, no and no. I have the three biggest chickens in the world.

chocolate lab
bassett hound
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I trained my bouvier des flandres mix to be more protective. He already was extremely protective.. I dare anyone to break in, especially at night, as thats when he's worse.

But when we moved from the country into the city, I was walking him late at night (11pmish) and there's alot of freaks out there, I'll leave it at that.
So I thought him to snarl and growl on the command 'Kill'. I only used that command becuase it sounds feircer, and the command is apt to scare someone off before he does.
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Well when I lived with my parents Lee and I were playing and i jumped on his back and he was spinning around. Our rotty mix must have thought we were fighting and I was attacking Lee becasue he sure bit me on the but and ripped my shorts and underwear off! Needless to say qwe don't play like that around him anymore. It was an ugly bite with a bruise from heck but it was def. a warning because he has put our other male dog in the hospital and caused my to get stitches in her leg because she got between the two of them fighting.
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I really think it's instinctive. When I would drop our younger daughter off at school and someone would come up to her Sean would bark like crazy from the car. Or when I would pick up my older daughter from her previous part-time job if she worked in the evening I would always take Sean with for the ride. I felt safe just knowing he was in the car. One time there was a guy in the parking lot where I was waiting to pick my daughter up and he was driving his car out the entrance as I was going in. I gave him a dirty look because he almost collided into me but it must have ticked him off. He started to follow me and guess who barked like crazy? Yap, my hero, Sean.
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Jake is protective towards anyone but Reilly
But yes, he is. Anytime I have to go to the store at night for milk, bread ... little things.... I take Jake with me. There have been many times that he's snarled, growled and threatened to bite people when he's with me. If he senses that I am not comfortable with someone he gets edgy about them. He doesn't like ANYone walking past the yard. Especially when the boys are out there playing. He also doesn't like strange cats in the yard
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My Buddy all 25 lbs of him has protected me many times. One time on a walk a pack of feral dogs attacked me, him and Jada. He fought them all off. He only had a couple of bites and Jada had one. I got away with just bruises.
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Nunuk will only bark at the doorbell after Mister has meowed at it

He'll bark at people he doesn't like when we're walking, I trust his instincts that he knows something about these people that I don't.
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My husband and I are our dog Stockey's protectors I'd like to think that he'd come to my aid if I were being attacked, but hopefully he'll never have to do that. He's so docile to people that I have my doubts. If someone's outside the house or at the door, he'll get up, look at the door, and then back at us with a strange expression on his face -- he won't even bark.
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Queenie is protective. She barks and runs to the door. She has even broke the lock on the screen door. She rushed at the door to attack the mail man. I was so shocked the door flew open. The mail man grabbed his mace but I got to her and got her inside before any harm was done. I apoliged several times.
I think I was as afraid as he was.

It can actually be a pain sometimes. She growls at people through the window that are just walking down the street. Where we used to live it was pretty secluded so she is not used to people walking in front of our house.

She does have a pretty smile though. She really is smiling. She does this when I get home. Dalmatians are known for this.

Cassie is not. She could care less. The only reason she barks at all is because Queenie barks. At one time my ex had Queen and I had Cassie. Cassie never barked if someone knocked or if the kids were playing outside the window.

I used to have a large shephard named Sam. We had him about two days and I was laying in bed watching TV and he stoood up and stood over me. He suddenly started growling. I mean a "what ever walks though that door I am going to rip their throat out growl" It was just my husband coming home but man there was no doubt in my mind he would have attacked if a stranger had walked in.

On a funnier note. One morning he was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up and growling. The same "I am going to kill" growl. I looked up and realized he was growling at a paper mummy I had put on the bathroom door for Halloween. I laughed and walked him up the stairs to show him it was not a person but a cardboard cut out. He sniffed it and walked away.

When I got home the mummy was on the landing shredded to
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I think Max would protect if the situation was right. He has leash issues (weirdly, he is a very obedient dog inside, but leashed likes to test his limits....he's a rescue and both we and the SPCA staff are fairly convinced his last owners NEVER walked him, just put him in a yard), so on walks he's a pain BUT there have been a few times where I'll see someone on walks that I'm wary of (we live right near a bunch of bars and at night there can be some unsettling characters). When I get nervous about someone, I watch them carefully. Max knows it and immediately stops his "testing" behaviour. He becomes a full-on good boy, walking right beside me, head up, all attention on me and whomever I'm watching. So, I feel like if I show that I need Max to defend, he would.
He also is a great apartment door dog....he will bark when someone comes to our door, but never if someone knocks on somebody else's door on our floor. If someone walks right in, he will go a bit nuts with the barking as the door opens (he knows it's not me or my bf, cuz we're home) but when he sees it's someone he knows, calms right down. He's large, so I'm hoping the bark alone would keep any would be intruders on the other side of the door.

Interesting story: About 15 years ago, my uncle and his wife were living in the basement apartment in my grandmother's house with their newborn son and my uncle's dog, Chelsea, a mutt who had followed him home from high school one day and had been in the family ever since. Well, one night when everyone was asleep, they were robbed. They were awakened by Chelsea....the only description is snarling, barking, growling, freakout. My uncle didn't even know what it was at first because Chelsea was a very quiet dog. When they came out to investigate, the robbers were long gone, scared off by the dog. But the interesting part was the missing could literally draw a line in the house where the robbers had stolen from. It seems that Chelsea sat there, letting them take the TV, nintendo, VCR, etc without complaint. But as soon as they moved toward the stereo, which was against the wall right by the door to the baby's room......NO WAY. Now that's a babysitter!
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