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Vibes for Peter (another ultrasound)

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Just wanted to request some vibes/prayers for Peter. He's scheduled for another cardiac ultrasound first thing tomorrow and, knowing my sweet, timid boy, it's going to be pretty traumatic for him, even though we've been through this before.

The news we're hoping for is that the meds he's been taking since being diagnosed with HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) in March have halted the progress of the disease. The fact that our vet couldn't detect his heart murmur at Peter's last regular checkup is a very positive sign.

Peter's been doing great with taking his meds and has shown no other symptoms aside from the murmur. He's such a playful, active boy (much to my girls' dismay ), you'd never guess there's anything wrong with him.

Anyway, if you guys can spare some vibes/prayers tomorrow, Peter and his meowmy would be very grateful! Thanks!
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Lots of vibes for Peter and you Eileen! Hope the ultrasound shows great news! and the experience isn't too traumatic for your brave "hunk"
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Lots of vibes coming our way for Peter!!!
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Sending lots of (((((calming, healthy, stress free vibes))))) for both of you Eileen
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Sending many vibes for sweet Peter
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Vibes on their way, Eileen!
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Awww Peter...
you did so well during your last ultrasound sweetie pie...
just think about the crush that Sadie on you during your test.

Lots of calming vibes coming your way Eileen.
I'll be watching for your happy update.
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for Peter!
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Ahhh! Peter! Lots and lots of {{{{sweet vibes}}}}
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Sending lots of good vibes to brave little Peter. Just tell him that it can't be as bad as the Ginger-Monster!
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Thanks, guys! All of your vibes are really reassuring.

If Peter can survive the Ginger Monster, he can survive anything! Also, if he thinks of beautiful Sadie as he's being tested, he'll come through this just fine.

I'll post an update after the ultrasound. Thanks again!
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Ooh, sending lots of calming (and good luck!) vibes and prayers your little man's way! {{{{}}}} I hope the news is ALL GOOD!
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Fingers crossed for him.
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Your sweet kitty is in my thoughts... he'll forget all about it when he's back home being loved up!

Cheers, from
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Sending lots of vibes out for you and for Peter .....
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I'm sending lots of vibes for a relaxing test with excellent results to sweet Peter.
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Plenty of vibes for Peter for great test results. Pretty nervewrecking waiting for results on our little heart patients. My Redford goes in for his second year ultrasound checkup on the 20th so I know what it is like. Here's to good news for you.

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Eileen, you just know our best thoughts and wishes are with you and Peter today.
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Thank you, thank you, thank for all your vibes and prayers for Peter.

We're back from the internist's office and the news is even better than I'd hoped for! Not only hasn't there been any progression of the HCM, but Peter's heart is functioning normally! What a relief!

Since he's doing so well, the plan for now is just to continue with his daily meds and go back for another ultrasound in 6-8 months. Peter was such a brave boy this morning, very sweet and well behaved. I was so proud of him.

Thanks to all of you for thinking of Peter and me this morning. You guys are the best!

And, Tricia, sending lots of vibes for Redford's upcoming ultrasound. Please let us know how it goes!
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Wooooooo hooooooo thank goodness to hear some happy news
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That's wonderful news, Eileen!! Please give your brave boy scritches from me, and purrs and licks (virtual) from the girls.
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That is such wonderful news!!...way to go Peter
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Thats fantstic news !!!! And any kitty who behaves at the vet deserves a treat !!!
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WTG, Peter! You must be so relieved, Eileen.
I'm laughing about "Ginger-monster"!
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
WTG, Peter! You must be so relieved, Eileen.
I'm laughing about "Ginger-monster"!
Absolutely. It's the best news we could have received.
I'm still not sure what Peter's deal with the Ginger Monster was. She was just really playful, not at all scary!
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Great news about Peter!! I'm sorry I just saw this thread right now...but continued vibes and prayers are headed your way for continued health for your special boy!
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Hooray for Peter!!! I'm SO glad that all is well!
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Sadie says....
Way to go Peter
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Eileen, I've just seen this now!

I'm so pleased that Peter was such a brave boy and his results brought happy news!
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i am so glad there is good news for him.
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