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Is this normal???

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I started a thread a couple weeks ago because I thought my cat might be pregnant again. One of my reasons for thinking that was because she still hasn't lost her "pregnancy fat" and, if anything, seems to be gaining MORE weight!

I tried to take a couple pics of her so you guys can see what I'm talking about. Sorry they aren't very good pics, but she doesn't like to hold still. I just tooks these pics a few minutes ago. She had her kittens almost 6 weeks ago, so shouldn't she be skinny again? When my other cat had kittens she was skinny again in just a few weeks.

Also, I can't afford too take her to the vet right now because a "cold" just spread through my cat clan and I had to take a couple to the vet. and it got a little pricey when my vet told me I have to give meds to all of my cats rather than just the sick ones.(I have 6, 3 adults and 3 kittens) Plus, my hubby and I just moved and don't have jobs yet so money is tight.
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Here are the pics of the Bestia(the mama cat):

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Thread Starter it normal for her to be that fat still or should it have gone away by now???
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Is she normally a small cat? I don't know if this is the norm but we took in a stray that had had a litter and then been spayed and abandoned but she's still quite chunky.
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Well she sort of looks pregnant to me. All of my cats that had litters were kind of skinny when the kittens where about 4 weeks. It took my cats about two months after they weened their kits to look even normal again.

It is hard to tell though, was she a heavy/husky cat to begin with?
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Well my momma had her kittens around the time ure did.. if i member correctly, And she is SKINNY, BUT still has the extra fat dangling from her under belly.. So I Dunno.. :-/ I havnt had a litter of kittys before.. :-( Sorry to not be much of help. Have you tried to feel her abdoman to see if you feel any lumps?
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Well, sometimes I think I feel lumps and other times I don't. I thought that the lumps were probably just stuff in her intestines, but I can never tell. Before she had her babies she was skinny, but did have bad gas that gave her a belly of air. However, I have since gotten rid of her gas and her stomach feels tough, like pure muscle, rather that gas or fat, that made me think she might be preggers again.

Oh yeah, yes, she is a very small cat. 4 days after she gave birth I took her to the vet and she barely weighed 5 lbs.

Good news though is that I think she might be in heat, which means she might not be pregnant. I've never known when she was in heat before because she would always hide. She is always very "to herself" and doesn't let anyone pet her but me. She is NOT the type of cat to come up to you a beg for pets, EVER. and yesterday she has been following me around the house and coming up to me a rubbing on me. I mean, she was BEGGING for petsies! I actually came out of a room upstairs today and when she saw me she actually got up from where she was laying and came RUNNING over to me. She has NEVER done that before! NEVER EVER EVER!!!!!

Sooooo.....either she is in heat(which I have never witnessed) or she is preggers(I don't know what she was like last time when she first got pregnant last time because she was living outside[long story] and I didn't find out she was preggers until about 3 weeks before she gave birth)
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so what do you think?
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Could be worms. I would take her to the vet. And keep her inside so she can't get pregant if she isn't already.
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Well, when I took her to the vet 4 days after the kittens were born I got her dewormed. She hasn't been outside since then, could she have gotten worms without going outside?
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Originally Posted by TortieBaby View Post
Well, when I took her to the vet 4 days after the kittens were born I got her dewormed. She hasn't been outside since then, could she have gotten worms without going outside?
Sometimes it takes more than 1 dewormer. I still think it would be best to have her checked out by a vet.

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missys kittens are 9 weeks now missy went huge and we thought the worst, but we noticed that she was eating alot of the kittens food she is on heat at the momement so it seemes she is nt thank god there all due at the vets next week for shots etc so i guess we will find out then for sure
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Well, just cross ur fingers that I can convince my hubby to let me take Bestia to the vet. He doesn't really like the cats.(Same excuse as all husbands: he says I love the cats more than him ) Plus, since I just took the other cats to the vet he will be very unlikely to let me take Bestia right now. Alos, for some reason he really, really, REALLY, hates Bestia. I don't know why, he helped me catch her when she was a kitten and loved her when we first got her. Then he suddenly hated her.

I think he got jealous. She was a feral kitten so I always tried to carry her around with me and constantly hold her and pet her when we first got her so she would learn to like it rather than run away. Then, my hubby told me I give her too much attention and so he took it out on her and hated her for it. How silly is that! Men can be such jealous little boys sometimes!

Anyways...I might not get to take her for awhile. Then again, the vet I found here has a policy where every pet's first visit is free(you just pay for meds, etc..., not the checkup) sooooo......maybe I can talk him into it. After all, a worm shot only costs about $10.

Keep you fingers crossed!
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My vet told me a few weeks ago that cat can get worms, even though they don't go outside--mine had them--they are totally indoor cats.

Hope this helps.

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