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Kittens being introduced to other pets

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Well my kittens are now 5 weeks old, and very playful,and curious. And i Have 3 dogs in the household, and i Would like to get them aquanted with them, so if the new familys have dogs,they will be ok. When is a good time to do that? And how should I? I have had kittens before,and introduced them with no probs,But usually wait till they are older, like 3 mo old. so they are a bit bigger, but this isnt the case this time.. I cant keep em that long this time.. All my dogs are great with kittys, Trouble one of our kittys plays with the dogs EVERY day.. and Frisky when he was younger did as well.. And I introduced em at around 3 mo. Should I not worry bout it, and let the new owners do the introductions if they have a dog?! Can I get some advice please
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The problems with introducing young kittens to dogs is not that they will fight, but that the dogs may want to play and not recognize its own strength. A large dog could harm a kitten just by stepping on it.

I had 4 month old kittens when I got my dog(lab/boxer/pitbull mix). She was 10 weeks old, but at least 3-4 times the size of the kittens and was growing VERY quickly.

She just wanted to play with the kittes, and visa-a-versa, but she didn't realize her strength and sometimes would jump on the kittens and I would have to seperate them because I was scared the cats would get hurt.

Soooo.....if you want to introduce them I would recommend holding it off. If you can't hold it off just make sure that you are holding the kittens while the dogs check them out so they cannot get stepped on or nipped.
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Also if you have a large cage or crate that you can put the kitties in, then they can see the dogs, smell them etc and they will know they are safe.
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Yes.. that is how i been doing it, I been putting them and mom in a cat playpen, and opening up the room for the dogs to come in and out every few days. Trouble was around all the dogs (Cept Phebe) Since he was 4 weeks old, He would snuggle up to em,and love em,and they would sleep together.. And Falise actually would carry him around, or if he went out of her site, would get him,and bring him back to lay with him.. hahah She was a momma dog
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Keno's an inside dog. When we brought the kittens in for weaning/training at 5-6 weeks, they might have spent a week isolated. After that, they were SUPERVISED for playtime and Keno's a really good dog - she follows the kittens around, etc. She's never rough with them - seems to know they are babies.

The kittens at first would hiss, arch backs, etc. but within a few days they all were fine. Keno even learned to recognize each kitten by name if you told her to "go find...(name)". I'd hold each one up to her and tell her their name so she would know.
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