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I wish I knew what he wanted

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Jordan was having one of his annoying nights last night. He had me up about every 45 minuets. He has discovered the magnets on the refregerator. Now keep in mind that my cats have 2 toyboxes full of toys that they can get at any time the choose. I got up a couple times & fed them (not good because they are all supposed to be on a diet). I played with him last night when I got home, gave him love. I just wish I knew what it was he wanted beacuse I'm beginning to assume he just likes to irritate me.
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Well, all I can say about that is what my wife told me once when I asked her why she liked irritating me so much. She told me is was because she liked and wanted the attention it got her!
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first step. ignore

second step. ignore

thrid step. what ever you do IGNORE!

even if it's negative attention it's attention to them. they have won you over. especially if they have you up feeding them when it's not convient for you! remove the magnets or just let him play with them and ignore him. he will stop eventually. just like a crying baby.
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if he's not doing anything destructive with the magnets I'd just let him play with them and stay in bed while he does.
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Maybe he's bored with his toys because he can get them all whenever he wants to? Try taking some away and then rotating which toys are out. While you're storing the toys, you can keep them in a container with catnip so they smell yummy.

That, and ignore ignore IGNORE! You just taught him that waking you up gets him food and playtime.
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I know I should ignore him, but he is so persistant. I've tried before & lost out on 2 to 3 hours of sleep becuase when one thing doesn't work he tries something else & he would tear the whole place up if I let him. I love him, but he is too smart for both our own good. I think someone should start respit care for those of us who have sassy cats. I know there are a lot of other people who don't get a full nights sleep.
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my only other suggestion would be to close him up at night in a large dog crate that could fit a litter box and bed in. or close your bedroom door and get some headphones or ear plugs. he will only destroy things if he thinks it will get your attention. he knows how many buttons to push before you lose it and get up. trust me i have an ocicat and they are about as naughty and smart when it comes to things like that as you can get. for example... four months ago we took her collar off because we found that the metal on the collar could open our other cat's food box door(it's a magnetic cat door). it had little rinestones and a bell with a metal buckle. recently we tried to put the collar back on her and i removed the bell. thinking maybe she wouldn't be able to get in if nothing was hanging from the collar. on top of it didn't think she would try to get in since when we took the collar off everytime she tried to get in she couldn't with out it. WELL... four months later we put the collar on and guess what she does...

she tries the door after not trying it for months!! she figured out that the collar equaled entry to the food box!!!!!!!!!!! hows that for smart. btw she's only 9 months old. i'm looking forward to the other things she works out. (so far it's been many things...)

please believe us there is no other way than to ignore. you can always replace things once they are messed up and if there are things out that you can't replace then put them away where he can't get to them to damage them. let him ransack the house, eventually when he gets to the things that would normally wake you up and tries a couple more things and realises you're not getting up he will stop. i promise.
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Nights like last night make me think his night time crazies are totally related to food. I was exhausted & because of all the other things (work, school, parents getting divorce after 40 years of marriage) I'm at the breaking point in general. So last night I did what I do when I'm desparate for sleep. I put down a big bowl of food. Whenever I do that he lets me sleep. It's bad though becuase the vet really wants thier food restricted, but maybe tonight I can try to ignore him.
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